Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm busy this week........

So this post will be short and sweet. I am running the half marathon this weekend, so not much running this week. I may get in another short run, but if I don't, I am okay with that, as I need to rest for a few days........

Lots of yard work going on these days between showers and torrential downpours but by the looks of things today it is starting to clear up. Yea!!!!!! We made a good dent in getting rid of "junk" in my studio over the weekend and yesterday.

I patched a bazillion nail holes! and mended one of the wood cabinets that I hope to salvage. But today I will take some "before" photos so you will realize, this is no small feat.

I went looking for flooring yesterday and was not impressed with my first choice so it is going back today. When you know what you want, you can't just make do with a lesser choice. My electrical skills will be tested as there seems to be a problem with one of the ceiling lights but I am changing them completely but first "painting " needs to occur. Of course, it needs to be above 10'C in order for paint to actually here's hoping......not that I am going to paint this week, still too much cleaning, vacuuming,  to take place before that can happen and sanding of walls. So cross your fingers that I can get out there today for a few hours......I hate being cold and damp!!!!

I have a few little projects lined up, I went to the thrift store yesterday and came across two lumbar pillows with "sketchy" covers but the innards were in nice condition so I am going to going to whip up a couple of pillows to go on the deck chairs. I think that was the best Thrift Store I've seen down here. Lots of little treasures!

Between making a trip to the dump with "twenty odd" old paint cans yesterday and yard work, and trying to find wallpaper and flooring my thoughts are a tad scattered. No wallpaper on this side of the sea, so I will have to check out Home Depot on the weekend. I wander if you can order wallpaper online? Anyone know of a place? So busy, busy girl, and I hope it dries up soon so I can get outside. But here are a few of the little projects I have swarming in my brain.

Outdoor fabric for cushions

Bird feeders, won't Steve just love these!

Driftwood Coat Rack for my studio

I saw a driftwood mobile that looked interesting, so I just need to find my drill bits and start building that. But first things first.......get this show on the road and start boogieing or I will still be here come lunchtime. Hope you have a wonderful day and create wonderful things! See you later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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