Sunday, May 29, 2011

Going with red and white........

I said I wasn't going to go crazy buying a whack of flowers this year cause I wasn't really into it, and since I will be away for a few weeks to Ireland this summer I didn't want to have too many pots for the Hubs to it turns out, there are a few pots and the greenhouse is planted with tomatoes and cucumbers today.....then I have some dirt leftover so I may as well pick up a few more geranium's and add a few more....

Old Chowie..... sitting........contemplating life...................

So pretty much red and white with a splash of green
 Not too exciting but I'd like to keep it simple with not too much color going on. Last year I think I went wild with every color under the this year we'll see what red and white does for the decor. We have so much green around being on a greenbelt nature can just do her thing and I won't compete with it this year.

I'm thinking I should have picked up another one of these so I may go back just so the front is luck there won't be any left!

This is a perennial ground cover that comes back ferociously every year, Snow in Summer
The lighting must be really off tonight cause the flowers look way nicer than the photos show, I' ll have to take a few more when they bush out.

So I got to sleep in this morning...what a treat.....after yesterday I thought I deserved a lay in. So I "puttered "around after coffee this morning, the Hubs went to the gym and a I did the usual laundry, vacuuming, made cinnamon buns, and generally cleaned up the war zone.... where everything was just dropped and left all week. Geez I hate weeks like that.....I mean honestly how long does it take just to put things away after using them?? But I only have myself to blame cause it was all my "stuff." So that's it for another weekend, it went by way too fast but the good thing is only a month left till summer vacation! Have a good evening..................

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Full on day..................

OK.....I knew it was going to be a busy day but seriously I think I over did it and as of now, I am thoroughly "knackered". Trish and I had a really good run this morning...the weather was looking a little ominous but fortunately it did not rain, we tried a new route today and extended it by a few kms. There were a few hills that certainly make you glad you have trained on the retched "North Nechako" but an hour and a half and 15km, I think we did really well. was the Red Shirt Walk in the Park, and the route is twice around the park for a total of 5km. It was pretty cloudy when the opening speeches started but just minutes before the walk started the clouds parted and the sun started to shine. I think it was a the Hubs and I had a great walk and then chatted with a few of the others who took part, and enjoyed a much needed refreshment of food and water.....

It wasn't a huge turnout as it is only the second year....but according to the organizers it was 5 times bigger than last year so hopefully next year there are a few hundred more who come out and Support Our Troops.

This afternoon after we did a little drive through the park residential area and looked at an open house, we made a trip to the library for a few books. When I got home I was thinking I was about done for the day and then it was quite nice out so I started weed whacking and then...... one thing led to another......... and the front flower bed finally got "edged" and I planted a new "Barberry Bush"...........then proceeded to weed whack the backyard.....................well if it doesn't just go on and on and on.......................about 4:30 we made a quick trip to the grocery store cause I wasn't ruining the day now by eating crap we were back home by 5:15, and dinner was in the oven and veggies were a cooking. So can I say "DONE!" You betcha..... I am folding this teepee and finishing my tea and going horizontal...... cause I know there is "no rest for the wicked"....and it will be full on tomorrow with planting some "fleurs"..................night all......:*)

Friday, May 27, 2011

T. G. I. F. ! !!! Yippeeee!

I'd like to know why short work weeks seem longer than a regular week? With last Monday being May Day you would think the week would just whiz by......but maybe it's just that I was busy doing so many things.....I am certainly glad it is Friday though. My plan was to have a relaxing weekend and do a little housework and baking but it's already filling up with a run planned for tomorrow and the Red Shirt Walk of Honour tomorrow also. I think by Saturday afternoon, I shall be horizontal on the couch........I've been trying to slow down my thought process all week so I started re-reading the book  "Simple Abundance, A Daybook of Comfort and Joy" by Sarah Ban reading the section on May it is all about your home and reveling in its comforts and enjoying what you have and decluttering the un-important.

My favourite thing to do on the weekends is to "putter". Puttering is really a time to be alone, to dream, and to get in touch with yourself....... To putter is to discover". Well I couldn't agress more. This is when I come up with new crafts or plan projects through or just plan go from room to room, putting things right. This helps us to become aware of what's still important to us, what continues to have meaning. This quiet, private act can bring the different aspects of your llife into sharp focus and identify your needs. So, that is what I would like to do this weekend. Althou....................the grass needs mowing.....................planting....................the flower beds need to be edged................the greenhouse needs to be cleaned and plants need to be the weekend over yet? I'm already tired.....and to think it was going to be a quiet weekend! Who am I kidding.......maybe it will rain....then I will get to stay indoors.....I sure hope not. Have a great weekend, whatever you have planned and make it your first priority to find a gift of grace in being able to take the chaos from within and from it create some semblance of order...............

"We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Glad that's Over!

What a weekend around our household! Hokey Doodle!!!! Saturday morning started with three gallons of paint and a room 18x22 to get started on. The Hubs was going to help paint but after some discussion his needs were better off building the new landing and new stairs so that we could eventually start using the garage door entrance. Needless to say we had our work cut out for us. Six sraight hours of painting and building, I did finish my end of the chores but we decided the stairs needed to be stronger and therefore a trip to the Depot to return stair risers and new "metal" risers were in order. I love going to Home Depot....I could spend hours wondering around there but not so much the Hubs! Get in and get out! Yup that's his motto! Not I though........Oh the things you can see and do, and things to think you can do..............yes I am my father's daughter.......but we were in and out a few hundred dollars later. Then we treated ourselves to a quiet dinner and some relaxation to go over our accomplishments of the day and to contemplate what else needed to be done. But it sure looks nice in there now. Let me tell you! Clean! Now only to keep it like that. I don't plan on living in here but at least now it's brighter and cleaner looking. So here is a before in its ugliness......minus all the junk...........

Cracked Floor and bare bones gyproc

Storage.....but still thinking of some better solutions

The Master Carpenter building the new landing and stairs
I have to say I am glad that job is over....we have been putting it off for a few years because it is a huge investment of time and MONEY but it is one of those things that eventually you have to do, otherwise when it came time to sell.....and it will happen at sometime or another......the buyers would want it done. This way we still get to enjoy and use it for a few years and admire our handywork. I still need to pick up a few wall hangers for shovels, brooms, rakes etc. to hang on INSTEAD of 6 inch railway spikes that were the preferred method before. Now on to the gardening.......oh dear, my poor back................

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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New Growth has arrived.......

Just when you don't think Spring will ever arrive...... you take a walk through the garden and notice all sorts of new growth. That's what happened when I looked down instead of up. I found new growth sprouting out of the ground, unfurling and reaching for the sun. The first day of Spring is one thing, and the first Spring day is another. the difference between them is sometimes, as great as a month. That's what has happened this year.....everything is so late but yesterday I walked around the yard to see exactly what was reaching for the light.

Bleeding Heart

Fresh Rhubarb shoots

Blue Hosta

Fiddleheads shoots-Ferns


I am glad I was reminded to take my "point and shoot" and just wonder about. So glad I took that walk through the garden.  It's a beautiful day, don't let it get away.  Spring is a wish made in December, and comes true in May. Have a good evening.........

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Day..................

Today is a rainy day..................but I guess you have to have some of those so you can appreciate the sunny days. But is almost the end of May and April showers bring "May" flowers...........Not the May showers bring June "what?" Worms! Gross!!!!

 So if you are needing to be outside today you better wear your rain coat and galoshes.

 I hope my garage floor is still being prepped for the cement tomorrow. It's dry in there. It's amazing how much was done.  I would have thought it would've taken much longer to remove all that concrete.....My eldest daughter arrived yesterday afternoon....all excited about going to her regular hairdresser to get her hair trimmed and after all the explaining she did about how she didn't want it cut..... she cut it exactly how she didn't want it ........why can't people listen? She did not need this let down.....thank goodness she is a beautiful woman and hair grows back........but still.... I know how it feels......crappy.....maybe we will have to go shopping. That always perks me up. I 'm hoping for clear skies tomorrow. How about you?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Morning................

Mmmmmm, bet you never thought you'd see me this early in the day but I'm dragging my heels this morning as it is quite glorious out at this early hour. We're going to have another beautiful day, it's unfortunate that one has to work................oh's not such as nice day in other parts of the country, the city of Slave Lake is burning down at this moment, the whole town has been evacuated, 10,000 people, major buildings have burnt to the ground. Totally unbelievable!!!!!! But this is going to be a big problem with our forests all dead from the pine beetle. The winds have picked up through Alberta's north and I don't think they expected this to happen. The floods in Manitoba and Quebec are a major concern of a lot of people. My son is in Manitoba and I know he was doing sandbags and loading helicopters to protect peoples homes. The people of Portage La Prairie are waiting for the deluge of the dam breach, so hopefully the damage is not too devastating but at the moment it is not looking good. It's so hard to fathom all these natural disasters......there is nothing worse than the strength and power of water, and the destruction of fire............Well, according to the Bible, May 21st, 2011 is supposedly the day of reckoning.......I sure hope not.....I really don't think I am ready for this all to end quite so quickly. Let's all think positive for the people in these dire situations.............

But on a lighter note.................a beautiful full moon last night caught out the front door.

Full moon high in the sky.....too bad for street lights..........
 And of course the weekend wouldn't be complete without a few crochet projects, these neckwarmers  I think are the "cat's meow"! Super simple and crochet up faster than you can say "Hokey Doodle!"

This little newborn hat is made from yarn from the Dollar store. Very soft and quite adorable. Well time to get this caboose moving......have a great day!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

It's got me thinking.........

"I don't know about you Steve but it looks like she's falling down on the yard work"........"ya I was just thinking it looks pretty sad". "We'll have to tell her to get out here."
  I think Spring has finally arrived today. May the 15th and the temperature was above 20'C. Woooohooo! So the Hubs and I spent quality time together on Saturday.......yes sweet.........and hardly a curse, well OK, maybe a few....but overall we spent three hours of H-E-L-L in the garage. Because Monday we are getting the floor re-cemented. Yes, one of those thousands of dollars jobs that you know you need to do but keep putting it off because well who wants to spend money on those kind of house renos? Not I! But unfortunately if we were to put the house up for sale, the buyer(s) would want it fixed. I don't recall if it was there when we bought the house but who looks at a garage floor? So it has to be done....cause you never know we may move out of this country someday........It was a painful job but really it went quite quick considering there was probably 7 years of accumulations of "stuff"..................NIGHTMARE!!!!! DUST! SPIDER WEBS!!!! Yuck!! Yuck!!!!  A few trips to the dump and to the swap shed.....transfer a few things here and there and Whaaaa La! But it is clean now baby! I think I will give it a coat of paint but no time today......

Very Empty Garage, that is in dire need of a paint job!

 Sunday started off with a 10km run with Susan down to the bridge and back. It was a beautiful morning but a mere 2'C......but at least the sun managed to break through by the time we were heading home the last felt good today but I made sure I was well hydrated not like the other day when I thought I was going have the life sucked out of it's was all good, for me anyway.....Susan not so great.....
My oldest daughter is coming up tomorrow so I needed to get some groceries and do some running around....and got home had a cup of "Jo" and then proceeded to weed these flower beds in the backyard. I dread doing this as I usually end up crippled and can't bend, but so far so good.....I'll just make sure I pop a muscle relaxant before I go to bed tonight. and it will be all good.

Now for a few bedding plants and we are set for the summer. Thank for the front flower bed................later....................time for tea....hope your weekend was a good one. Talk soon.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Milestone......

So this is my 200th post, wow! I probably would have 300 but gets in the's been a busy week and as I said..... I was having a hard time getting organized and collecting my thoughts. But I seem to be on the mend but unfortunately it has been so cold and miserable since I got home, all I want to do is curl up in front of the fireplace and crochet to my hearts content. I went to Michaels on Saturday just to check on the sales.....and low and behold what a sale! And coupons on sale items!!!!! Just,  what I did not need......and not only did I buy a few balls of yarn that day I went back on Sunday and purchased another whack. Okay so I have an addiction....I will be the first to admit it.....but it could be worse. These did not cost a lot of money and the end result will make some moola!

This is just acrylic yarn but it will make great cowls, that will be washable and dryer safe.

These neckwarmers, I think will end up being a great hit with people, well at least I am hoping.

Trish and I have been out running again and getting back into our regular routine, on Monday, we ran our regular town route but have decided that it is not long enough and will be increasing it a few kms. On Wednesday, we went from my house and did the "retched" trek to the bridge and back. Susan came with us so that she could get a run in this week, and to top it off, it was raining "cats and dogs" and whatever else it could throw at us. Needless to say we were soaked to the bone but hey whatever, it was fun just to get out.

So that would be about all for now......I am cruising through the yarn and through the streets trying to get back to "normal"................welll whatever that may be I am not quite sure. I'm just glad I don't live on the Hart with all the snow they got this morning......Hello? It is mid-May!!!! Flowers!!!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Back to Reality

Back to reality and everyday living......sad but true...the holiday is's been a very long day and night. We flew out of Maui last night at 10:45pm with would have been 1:45 Pacific Time......our plane was late leaving and with only an hour and a half to change planes in Vancouver,,,,,hokee doddle, they cut it close. But we zipped through customs with no problems, and we even had a few minutes to spare. Sleeping on the plane with crying babies around you is not the easiest thing in the world to do. I dosed off and on and woke up abouat an hour before landing so I managed to get a cup of coffee but the minute I sat down on the next flight I was out like a light......I think I will be looking forward to my own bed tonight. Trish and I will be running in the morning, so even if it is only 7pm, I am not far from packing it in for the day.

Last Maui Sunset

Sun Going down in Maui

Brilliantly colored bushes lining the properties

Pretty Flowers

I love these Hibiscus, especially this peachy orange.

And of course, this last one of me on a rock, in a river, totally posed!
So tomorrow it is back to work and back to my girls. Routine is good, schedules are a necessity in my life. I like to know where, when, and to what my day will bring.....I am spontaneous and adventurous but I like my daily rituals. How about you? So you like routines? Do you like schedules? I am a creature of habit,just some things I like to be normal everyday... it just starts my day in the most right of ways. When I get my second wind, I will be starting a few projects that my wee tiny little brain conspired over the last few weeks. Mahalo for your time and may sun always shine on your face.