Sunday, June 30, 2013

A day in the life of Kait....................and one tired momma

Our daughter Kait is here visiting for Canada Day weekend so that means we do as much as we can and go as many places as we can in a few days...................yesterday I worked so I got off lucky! It was up to her dad and her granny to accompany her and be the tourist coordinator. But I was smart and booked us kayaks for the morning....what a blast! I love the ocean!

Gorgeous start to the day!

Mother and Daughter
A group of young people from France
going out for 8 hours! OMG!


This is going to be my house when I win the lottery!
A picturesque view of Mt Richardson part of the coastal mountain range.
The water was a calm as could be, beautiful hot morning, perfect for paddling around and taking in the scenery.
Some of the underwater sea life
Doesn't get much better than this for the last day of June now does it? Or...................
Could it be a hike to the top of Soames Hill! I think I'm getting too old to keep up with these kids! But I wanted her to enjoy the sunshine and go home with some awesome sights in her mind. So after a brief rest it was up the mountain before dinner, thank goodness it was in the forest and shady.
The boaters were out in full force for the weekend. The slips were full.
Climbing and walking.............


And that was our day mom and daughter exploring the Sunshine Coast, tomorrow we may take a ride up to the Skookumchuck Narrows.......could someone please tuck me in. I am done for the day, and in dire need of some pillow talk. I hope you had a great last day of June. We sure did, it was a glorious day of exercise and sunshine. Ciao!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

It's Wicked Wednesday!

My week is so mixed up with the Hubs working on Sunday, I had my days all turned around. Monday felt like Tuesday, Tuesday felt like Wednesday and I was in a mild panic!  I thought I wouldn't get all the things done that I had planned but here it is Wednesday again! So I still have today to finish up a few things before its back to work tomorrow.

My mind has not been on functioning that well this week since our son is deploying this weekend, so it tends to wonder and my heart starts to race but I will not falter and will remain positive and strong in his absence. So I will be a busy little squirrel gathering and storing nuts and such for the next 10 months! The nutty squirrel has been occupied with cement for the last week and it gets me really excited! I love playing with cement as much as I love yarn and everything else that passes through my life!

Gunnera leaf turned into birdbath
A Hosta leaf bowl

Patio full of cement stepping stones
So at the moment I am trying to cure them but I am afraid the rains are suppose to start and I don't want them getting soaked.......this could be a problem........where do I put a few hundred pounds of cement leaves? Hmmmmmmmmmm..........

Bambi being a menace to the greenery!
She had a good time chomping
down on my rose bush and sumac tree!
I love animals but I do not love them chewing their way through my yard. This momma was not one bit afraid of me! She brought along a friend to share her new found buffet of greenery........shoooooooo, shoooooo............ya right she said! Chomp! Chomp!

Well time to get a move on. Hope your week is going well and you find some creative outlet to embrace! Oh and my running is starting to get back on course. I even powered up a hill that I usually struggle with! Yea me! Have a great day! Ciao!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Not much of a Father's Day for the Hubs this year when he spends the whole day at work.....but that's the way it is this time around. The kids all phoned home but no dad to be finally they get a hold of me "Where's Dad?" At work....... not much new there! But being the good wifey that I am, I made sure he had a supper to come home too, sorry no dessert!

I spent the day catching up on the weeks chores. Boring housework..... when I would much rather being doing some cement work. No luck getting the Quickrete when I went to the city, I will make do with the mixture they have here. It has turned out quite fine, so I will go with it. My next project is to get the birdbath built, while the others cure before I can paint them.

Today I got a hold of some really nice Gunnera leaves. Hokey Doodle do they grow into monstrosities! Some are 5 to 6 feet in diameter!!!!!! Could you imagine the weight of those babies!

This is a small leaf only 3 feet wide,
or thereabouts...

This rhubarb leaf, I made years ago
and I am happy that it has stood
 the test of time

This is a cement ball, decorated with
glass beads

These half balls on a pedestal,
resemble a mushroom

The ones I have completed, now
they are curing, then to paint them

Gunnera leaves! I was in heaven to
get a few of these leaves!
Now I am hoping for some good weather! Cross your fingers for our weather this week.

Our stores "Grand Opening" was very successful, lots of business and very tired at the end of the day! Tracy and I were running, so I am sure she was as grateful for a day off as I was today! Did a short run this morning and despite being dehydrated for the most part yesterday, the run wasn't a total waste. Hopefully Tuesday, I will be in better shape. Well time for bed, to rest my head......hope you all had a good weekend!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How a week goes by........

so fast is beyond me, but it has and I do apologize. I had an awesome week, full of catching up and planning projects and for once the weather was on my side. Today not so much, but it's sure to improve and I do need to go for a run with the guys this morning. So we will see how it goes.

Here are just a few things from around and about...............birds...............

This fellow has been hanging out
 in the yard for a few months
He's just so fine looking! Very cheeky!

These snails are everywhere and
quite the little menaces.

This poor fellow had a brush with death last night as
Steve jumped and caught him but
I managed to save him before his demise and
he flew away.

Just a few birds from around the yard, and I love mushrooms in the forest! Yesterday I started my favourite project of all! The Hubs just shakes his head, not his favourite........he wishes I would just stick with knitting or crocheting. Ya okay.......not really my makeup to do easy! I like a challenge most days and when I do easy I kind of feel like I am not really working to my potential!

Cement Baby! I love working with cement and what better than making stepping stones.  A birdbath is my next project.......then maybe a fountain....ohhhh the possibilities are endless. These are for someone else, so I won't be packing these babies around for long.
I'm going to the city tomorrow so a trip to Home Depot for a few bags of Quickrete. Then I found a blog that has me wanting to jazz up the garage door. Oh it begins...........never a dull moment, just never enough time.
Grand Opening for the store this weekend. Should be fun, the weather looks promising! Well gotta run, too many things to do today and there's only one of me. Have a fantastic day!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just chillin'.........

after a few busy weeks, I'm just trying to regain my focus and get some things accomplished that have been bugging me. All my planters are planted. Although at the rate I am going, planting new varieties of perennials that are available to me in the tropics here, I am fast becoming a plant-a-holic! Who knew there were so many gorgeous plants to adorn your yards! Not me, that's for sure.......I haven't even heard of some of these plants until I moved south! So believe me when I say gardening is right up there with crafting!

With the kids all back home safe and sound the house has again become "quiet". Now time to clean out the fridge and get back on a program! I wish I could eat like my son but for one, my legs aren't that long, or do I have the metabolism of a 20 something man! He's one big eating machine that's for sure! Hard to believe since he ate like a bird for many he can give his sister a run for her money!

At the Peak of Whistler
Shannon Falls near Squamish

Tram that takes you Peak to Peak
in Whistler, BC. Amazing!

It was so funny watching these ladies
experiencing their first
taste of snow.
Snowballs galore!
There was a lot of snow at the top of the mountains but then it is only the beginning of June and I am sure they can still ski up there if they wanted. These ladies were having a lot of fun and enjoying the snow. I would prefer alpine flowers and rocks myself! But that will be a few months before that's happening up there.

The sun has returned this week so time to get a move on with the outdoor projects. But first this morning its a run, with the Men's group. Slowly getting back on track and taking my time so I don't over do it! Go hard or go home! Have a wonderful sun-shiny day!