Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How a week goes by........

so fast is beyond me, but it has and I do apologize. I had an awesome week, full of catching up and planning projects and for once the weather was on my side. Today not so much, but it's sure to improve and I do need to go for a run with the guys this morning. So we will see how it goes.

Here are just a few things from around and about...............birds...............

This fellow has been hanging out
 in the yard for a few months
He's just so fine looking! Very cheeky!

These snails are everywhere and
quite the little menaces.

This poor fellow had a brush with death last night as
Steve jumped and caught him but
I managed to save him before his demise and
he flew away.

Just a few birds from around the yard, and I love mushrooms in the forest! Yesterday I started my favourite project of all! The Hubs just shakes his head, not his favourite........he wishes I would just stick with knitting or crocheting. Ya okay.......not really my makeup to do easy! I like a challenge most days and when I do easy I kind of feel like I am not really working to my potential!

Cement Baby! I love working with cement and what better than making stepping stones.  A birdbath is my next project.......then maybe a fountain....ohhhh the possibilities are endless. These are for someone else, so I won't be packing these babies around for long.
I'm going to the city tomorrow so a trip to Home Depot for a few bags of Quickrete. Then I found a blog that has me wanting to jazz up the garage door. Oh dear...........so it begins...........never a dull moment, just never enough time.
Grand Opening for the store this weekend. Should be fun, the weather looks promising! Well gotta run, too many things to do today and there's only one of me. Have a fantastic day!

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