Saturday, June 1, 2013

Its been a crazy, busy week .........

we had a full on week with house guests of a special son and his girlfriend came home for a week before his deployment in June......also our oldest daughter returned from a trip to Montreal, so our little house was bursting for a few days. But it was fun and busy.

Samantha is a prairie girl and has never been to the West Coast, so we tried to show her as much as we could. The ocean, the mountains, rainforests, and of course, the weather was totally uncooperative but we still managed to get out a do a few hikes, and beach trips. I got her started on a small sea glass collection. We found a few starfish, but never did find sunfish.....oh well next time.

It was a good week, Samantha is a lovely young lady, and my son is a happy man.  So it will be quite sometime, probably a year till we see him again,  please keep in in your prayers at night and he returns safely.

Well back to work and with hope I can get a few projects done this coming week. So stay tuned. Also a shipment is coming with soap supplies. Some painting is in store, so I am hoping for sunshine.........running these days? Not so much, oh well a slow year for sure, but no worries, it will get back to normal soon.

Have a great weekend! Stay safe....................

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