Thursday, May 23, 2013

A weekend back in time......

the Hubs and I went to a concert on the weekend in the city......many moons ago when I was young and foolish and a mere teenager there was a band just starting to make a mark for themselves......a couple of girls, an awesome guitar player and a guy that could make a set of drums sing to the forward 40 many old bands, a few are still making the rounds, some should, some shouldn't. For one, I am not a young thing anymore, although at times that is hard to believe!!! But I dance to a different tune these days.......I like music but I am not hard of hearing, so loud music and noise is a vexation to my soul. Just like the poem says, "go placidly amid the noise and haste".....that's my mantra these had tickets to see one of the great bands of the 70's, yes that's right Fleetwood Mac!

Fleetwood Mac - Then
Fleetwood Mac - Now

Stevie Nicks still sounds pretty good, despite being much older, she always had a different voice, Lindsey Buckingham still can play a guitar and sing, and well Mick Fleetwood can still bang out the tunes. Christine McVie was with the band. But being older myself and not about to make a fool of myself at any age, did not appreciate the significance of sitting on the floor, 12 rows back from the stage.  I'm sorry, but some of the idiots that turned up really embarrassed me, and I am so glad I am what I am. Yes.... I am still crazy, but fairly controlled. And no, I would not dance on the tables at this age. Its just not me. But I did love to hear the songs that I remembered but I still have the "records" and I still have a record player and I can go listen to them anytime I want in the comfort of my studio.

So this is the only shot I got of the night and Lindsey was singing my favourite song so it means a lot. I would have liked a photo of Stevie Nicks, because she really hasn't changed very much. But the crowds wouldn't allow that, nor would the events people letting people take photos........spoil sports.....what did they think I was going to sell them or something ludicrous!

Then of course I had to take a few photos of a building because it was calling my name...................I know weirdo........................:*))))))

Well it happened to be the same building but as I walked through I saw different angles that called my name, and if I hadn't been dressed up, I probably would have laid down on the ground and gotten a different angle......I know weirdo........hard to explain but the eye sees, what the eye sees.

I have a couple of special visitors coming this weekend, my son and his I excited? You betcha.....I haven't met Samantha yet, but my son is totally smitten with her and so I am sure I will love her. Then next month he is being deployed to Afghanistan for 10 months, not my idea of a good time, but it is, what it the cookies are ready and the freezer is full of food. Momma mode will be in full gear next week. One last shot for you and then time to say goodnight. TGIF my friends!

By the light...... of the silvery moon.....

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