Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Break in the Rain showers.........

landed me at a beach I haven't been at before, so with a few minutes between chores I stopped to check out the low tide and the sea life suspended on the rocks......I had heard the starfish were plentiful and I wasn't disappointed.


Jonathan Seagull with a mussel in his beak!
I was wondering are they always purple, and 
when they die and
dry out
is that when they turn orange?

The rock formations on this beach we pretty amazing but then it doesn't take much for me to be amazed by some things, and nature and rocks are something that I love to observe and wonder just how and why they turn out the way they do.


I have a special fondness for rocks with stripes in them
Kelp and Mussels

The path to the beach
Someone has made an Inukshuk

Lastly, was a bridge in the middle of the woods, that I assumed went over to a house I could see in the distance. Going to the beach on the spur of the moment was a nice interlude in the middle of the day that was basically a wash out as far a weather was concerned. Not too bad for a Monday afternoon. Well I hope you get to have a break during your days that you can take in nature and all her glory, and be thankful for the small wonders that are right in our own back yard. Have a good evening! 


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