Sunday, July 14, 2013

Garage Door Update

I am finally back on track, well about as much as I ever am.......but I managed to get the garage makeover finished despite the cast. Who says you can't stand on a ladder with one foot. Maybe not that safe but when I want something done, where there is a will, there is a way!

So you remember that I put the hardware on I found at Home Depot.......

And then the door with hardware..............

But it still wasn't doing a lot for me so a little trip to Pinterest, to find the painted faux windows.......

Well seriously how hard could it be do add a little detail? Not very much believe.....but seriously use the "best tape" you can buy.......being as I work in a paint store and have listened to all the Sundry reps boast about their line of tape that "will not bleed" can I just say "B.S!!!!!!!!" We got a new line of tape which is blue and happens to boast a shur-line blah, blah blah! Nothing and I mean nothing compares to Frog Tape! and I don't even get a commission by telling you that! So if you get close to my doors you will see a slight bleed in a few places, which I will fix...... just not today!

So here they are and I am very please with look and have to admit they look spectacular! Now when I drive into the driveway I am blown away how such a easy fix and inexpensive makeover spruces up boring old garage doors. Oh I can hear some of you saying seriously she needs to get a job! Ah? I think not......this is my job! Beautifying the world one project at a time!

Well that's my story for its time for me to make friends with my "new" book. I finished reading Ellen DeGeneres's Book - Seriously....... I'm Kidding! Soooo funny! And sooooo, soooo true! OMgosh! Crazy she is!

Night all, time to say sleep tight and sweet dreams.......on to my next vision! CAtch up with you tomorrow........ciao!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


And down they come....................don't get me wrong I like trees but when they interrupt power service, telephone and TV reception, its time to come down. The Hubs found a guy that we didn't have to take out a mortgage for, to take down 4 trees. Unfortunately for the faller, it was a hot day with a wee bit of a breeze. It was quite interesting watching him drop the branches with such precision. I'm afraid I was a little doubtful at times, that I was going to loose a few plants but I'm "bad" they all survived!




He made it look so easy!

And that was end of three cedar trees making a mess of the yard and the roof of my studio. The faller will be back tomorrow to finish up the job, with a chipper machine. That I can't wait to see, maybe I will even get a few bags of bark you get that from the chips from the cedars....I hope so......I could use a few bags to use around the garden. Well its been a great couple of days, my mom has taken care of the house and chores and I've got to sit and do what I love to do. Crafting........see y'all soon. Sleep tight! Safe travels.................

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ran into a bit setback.........

Sunday was our usual day to go for our group run so Sue and I thought we'd take an easier route with Ingrid.........I probably should have gone the longer, harder route and maybe it wouldn't have happened at least that's what the guys were telling me. .......because I didn't get very far before I did slight roll of the foot and ended up fracturing my metatarsal bone. Yup.... certainly has thrown a wrench into my running for the summer. Seven weeks I will be off the doc figures. Still haven't figured out how I managed to do it. but when I did I sure knew it! OMGosh! I have never broken a bone before, so I was a little shocked at the pain involved but its already getting better just don't put any pressure on it and its all good!

Afternoon of accident at friends for BBQ, no plaster cast just an air cast so it can come off and on when needed. Quite stylish don't you think?

I'm afraid a few of my projects are going to take a back seat since a few entailed a ladder, so I think for the next few days or weeks, I will spend painting cement leaves and doing some sit down projects!

Our gardens are growing like crazy! The beans are reaching for the clouds already and I ate my first pea pod today.

I think we should be eating fresh veggies very soon. The kale is ready, also the beets are starting to poke through.

I love these white roses, I think they are my favourite color.

The African violets are doing fabulous, I think they like this window.

I've never been able to grow lavender and now I have three types, they smell divine. I hope I can dry the flowers and use them in our soap making........

This hydrangea was one that my mom bought me a year ago for Easter and I can't believe its come back to life, I had almost given up on it, I guess it wanted to be in the ground instead of a pot.
Well I hope you liked the garden tour, everything grows amazingly well here and I find it very full-filling gardening in such a great climate. What a great change seeing things grow overnight! Time to go to bed, I picked up three new novels Nora Roberts-The Witness, Lee Child- a Jack Reacher Novel- A Wanted Man, and The Unfinished Garden by Barbara Claypole Whyte, so I think I am set for a few weeks.
Have a good evening........................ciao

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Well its that time again.......

back to work today...... where they pay me to show up! I managed to get a few of the things I wanted to accomplish this week. Number one on my list was putting the hardware on the garage door. If you visit Pinterest  on occasion you might have seen how many of the girls have been glamming up their garage doors. I'm not totally finished just yet, but I need to pick up some black paint to make some faux windows. But for now this is what we have...............

Found this package at Home Depot, but apparently they have them at Lowe's also if they are in your neighborhood.

Yawn.............................totally dullsville.........but at least it isn't glaring "before"

The "after" for the glare but it was very sunny and the cars were in the way and the windshields were glaring.

The handles are totally just for decoration as I didn't anchor them through to the backside, not necessary........

Now I want to paint faux windows in the three center panels maybe later if the weather holds, its looking a little ominous this morning.

Well besides getting the front lawn looking like a golf course, scrubbing the winter dirt off the sundeck and making it pretty again, cleaning out a flower bed, and doing a few errands that was the last few days.....Mom's house is still getting the finishing touches completed so I am enjoying the company and getting many little things tidied up.

Time to hit the shower and make like the bees. Hope you have a great day! Ciao for now!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lets get a move on...............

I shouldn't really be sitting here blogging but I miss so many days because I'm usually thinking ahead of myself, but today I want to stick around the house and do some yard work, make up a recipe of avocado hummus, sealing some concrete projects and try to make a cement project that has been stirring around in my head.....I know scary thought but I really think its going to be "spectacular"!

Our daughter has headed back home and work, under duress but it is what it day she will get to move back to her home province. The oldest spent the weekend with her boyfriend meeting his family and playing baseball and camping in the country. But its back to work for everyone after having spent Canada Day on the road.

I'm not sure what our son has been up too but I am sure it involved something patriotic, do we Canadians use patriotic when we refer to our military? Gee I'm not sure.....but that's neither here nor there, his job is keeping our country safe and secure and that's the main thing. Safe travels my dear boy.........

Well, the washing machine is rolling and time for me start my day. My mom is staying with us at the moment, her new house is just getting the finishing touches done and then she will have her "brand new house to move into . I have a hard time remembering she is 87 at times, I only wish I am as agile and "with it" when I'm her age. Kind of doubt it.......I'm a little more out there! Again could be scary.....crazy ol' lady.......I can see it now.........

Have a great day and I hope your day is productive or at least peaceful in mind body and spirit............