Wednesday, July 10, 2013


And down they come....................don't get me wrong I like trees but when they interrupt power service, telephone and TV reception, its time to come down. The Hubs found a guy that we didn't have to take out a mortgage for, to take down 4 trees. Unfortunately for the faller, it was a hot day with a wee bit of a breeze. It was quite interesting watching him drop the branches with such precision. I'm afraid I was a little doubtful at times, that I was going to loose a few plants but I'm "bad" they all survived!




He made it look so easy!

And that was end of three cedar trees making a mess of the yard and the roof of my studio. The faller will be back tomorrow to finish up the job, with a chipper machine. That I can't wait to see, maybe I will even get a few bags of bark you get that from the chips from the cedars....I hope so......I could use a few bags to use around the garden. Well its been a great couple of days, my mom has taken care of the house and chores and I've got to sit and do what I love to do. Crafting........see y'all soon. Sleep tight! Safe travels.................

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