Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year! Best Wishes to All My Friends and Family

Well the last day of 2009, goodness time slips by fast. Does it for you too? A new year and new decade. Wow 2010! It's interesting to note that tonight there is a Blue Moon, and in case you didn't know what that means, it is when there is a full moon twice in a month. Apparently this happens quite often but unless someone mentions it, no one but astronomers and weather forecasters really pay attention. But I found these awesome photos on "Google" so I couldn't help but post them. Oh how I would love to be able to take photos like these guys. Beautiful aren't they? But do you know the kind of equipment you need to accomplish this? Don't even go there. Just "once in a Blue Moon" I would like to do these shots! Get it? That's where the saying came from, who would have thunk it!

The day was spent trying to sort and organize. I have had good intentions for two days now to start in my craftroom cleaning but to no avail has it happened. Lots of good ideas, so I know it will happen eventually. Maybe tomorrow! I did make it to Michaels today as I was reading "Thrifty Decor Chick" this morning (boy is she good) and found a Ballard Designs idea she had adapted, so I had a piece of wood sitting in my laundry room(that's another project I want to do) and decided to put it to use. So that meant a trip to Michaels. So I will do that tomorrow too. Promise...
Trish, Joanne and I plan on running in the morning so I hope the wind isn't blowing it could be nasty. Can we please be done with this cold, cold weather. I hope everyone has a nice New Years and a safe one. Goodnight!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As days go, I would say not much was accomplished. I just hate it when you go out to find certain things and nobody, anywhere, has what you're looking for. Not the case for my son, he found exactly what he wanted and was satisfied to sit in the truck and wait while I ran from store to store searching the impossible. I will be sooo happy when Fabricland comes back and I can just sew what I want. So maybe tomorrow I will have better luck and I will start earlier.

Tomorrow is the "dreaded hill day" it will be number 10 and I hope the wind isn't bad in the morning otherwise it will have to be postponed. it ususally doesn't start till a little later than when we usually start so here's hoping. We just want to get it done. It's warm out right now therefore it is snowing. Oh yea! If it's not freezing cold it's snowing, I know it's my own fault for living up here but it does have its good points despite the chilling temperatures and the unbelievable amount of snow that can fall in a night. But at the moment the good points are evading me! Enough already....

I just finished watching a movie "Julie and Julia" very funny. I highly reccommend it, a definite chick flick but worthwhile and very light and humourous. Well that's it that's all I am off to bed to finish reading my book, The Associate by John Grisham. Ciao!

Monday, December 28, 2009

The "New Year" approaching

Well it's only 3 days till 2010, hard to believe that a year goes by so quickly. I couldn't help myself today, I had to start de-cluttering. With the New Year approaching I always like things to look spic and span and fresh. So the decorations are coming down. It's a steady progress because I have to clean everything and all the corners in the process.(I am my own worst enemy) I did get my bedroom finished and the new duvet cover and shams on and changed the drapes. It's tres chic. Now I am thinking I would like to paint the fan over the bed. I really think white is too stark in that room....of course one thing leads to another and I had to go through my bookshelf and make room and put together a box of books that can go to the Thrift Store. Or maybe I will take them to work and donate them to the Pink Ladies.

I wanted to go and pick out tile for my on-suite but didn't get that far. Hopefully tomorrow I will head to Home Depot. Must get to the Plumbing wholesaler to see about a shower stall and door. We had a short run this morning and it was cold, I'll be glad when this cold weather breaks and stays at a steady -5. Trish and I have done quite a few runs over the holidays which probably saved our butts from gaining a few pounds, she was ready to kill me Sunday morning when we headed to the Cameron Street Bridge and back, but it wasn't my fault. Someone thinks I am chubby! Trish can take it up with "him". I did get the car washed today and it looks brand new!
I have been procrastinating taking some pictures of the hoar frost on the trees, but I think I got a few the other day. Lately my camera is not performing the way I want it too but then again maybe it's the photographer. I think I need lessons. Or a better camera?

I want to get a few things at Michaels, so I will have to get an early start. I have so many projects brewing in this head, it's starting spin. And to think I have to go back to work in a week. Yikes! What's with that? Anyways, I am off to get the coffee ready for morning. Night all...........

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Well the day is finally here that we have been waiting for all year. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day, no big rush to get everything in the oven, I am actually enjoying this. It may become a tradition! We ran this morning in the -14C and it wasn't bad! It didn't take long to warm up, and the gingerbread latte at the end was heavenly. We will take tomorrow off and go out Saturday morning for our post Christmas dinner equalizer.

So I hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow and Santa is good to all of you and your families. Have a perfectly magical weekend. And watch out for the Egg Nog!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Just chillin'

Well, it has been a very quiet week without the stress of planning Christmas Dinner. Quite nice actually, whilst everyone else is running around trying to get things done, I can just procrastinate about getting the rest of the gifts wrapped. I've also been doing a little hunting down of decorations as they are on sale now and moving out fast. So today, when the kids and I went out to Costco and Canadian Tire, I picked up some glass balls to make someone a wreath for next year. I would have bought more but there wasn't much choice of colors. Oh well I will keep checking out the stores.

It's very cold again this week. So I think we will go up to the track on Thursday morning and get our pre-Christmas run in, and then hopefully Boxing Day it isn't too cold to get outside again. We really need to get in "#ten" of the hill, and get it over with. So maybe? The track is nice but really warm. Well I am just about done for today even thou I slept in a extra couple of hours. Must be the cold air.
New eyes and new hair tomorrow! Yea! Night all, have a nice evening.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yea, the Christmas holidays are here! Working in education does have its perks. It's great to have the time off, and I enjoy being home and not really having a schedule. Trish thought we were nuts running yesterday morning at 6:30 but the traffic is minimal and that way, we won't be one of the runners that can be accused of taking up too much road! It is very hard running in the winter as the sidewalks are hazardous, slanted towards the road, and sometimes slick. But we had a great run and came across a peculiar fellow that made us laugh and run a little faster. No harm done, and I am quite positive we could have taken him if the need arose.

Well, monday it is, and my Christmas dinner is done! Yes Saturday we had our big dinner as Jane was only here till Sunday as was Ayla, BF Les, Charlotte, lots of food, lots of laughs, and hurting bellies. I don't think I have ever crammed that many people into a room but it all worked out just dandy. I brought down a table from my craft room and added to the end of the dining table and it was perfect for ten. My next house will have to take out a wall.

The 25 lb. turkey was cooked to perfection and it took 7 hours with monkeying around with the temperature for the last 4 hours. I was getting a tad concerned at 1:00 when it looked like we wouldn't be eating till very late. Nothing that another 30' didn't fix. The kids played crib and "Catch Phrase" with help from the kitchen. Too funny when they have never heard of some of the phrases but it didn't take long. It was a great day! My bed never felt so good. And the run in the morning was fantastic and the power nap in the afternoon was great. It's snowing like the dickens this morning, sure glad there is able men around to shovel. Have a great day!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insanity at it's Best

An "Ahhh" moment is when you realize what good friends you have, when they indulge your creativity and in my case, my insanity, about Christmas. These candy ornaments were a gift from Susan, the same one who started the insanity of running at the God awful hour of 5:30 am. but you know they are just as crazy as you when they see something that they just know you will go crazy about. And I am! Well I guess that's nothing new to my friends but I am so very pleased with my new ornaments!

To say I have been busy in spite of the -30C weather is an understatement. Not only has work been a tad "out there" I decided to make these gorgeous sparkly initial ornaments for each guest and my family for Christmas dinner. They are beautiful and it started last weekend when Trish and I went to Michaels, so it's her fault. So all week I have been painting and glittering letters, well one led to another and another and so on. I think I have lost count now exactly how many I have made?!!

Finally the frigid weather pattern has broken so we are running the hill tomorrow. It is number 9! Oh yea! Next week I think we will do it on Christmas Eve morning, kind of a cleansing for the next day. Well that's my analogy of it anyway. So I shall call it quits for the day. Good night!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Trees of the Holidays

A funky tinsel tabletop tree

A red skinny tinsel tree, so cool!

The only real Norfolk Pine tree

The kitchen Candy Tree

The classic traditional tree in cream, burgundy and gold

Festive White tree trimmed in red
There are also a few mini trees in a bedroom and a bathroom. Crazy I know but it's only once a year. So it is, what it is! Have a great day!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Running around and around....

I think sometimes I have just too much going on and can't keep up....I think I'm ahead of the game and then I realize nope..........I was wrong. Where should I start........this morning Trish and I went to UNBC to run around the indoor track as it was -31C, even being diehards that is too cold for woman or beast. Our friend Denise was suppose to join us but she was a tad late the night before, so had to pass. Next time Denise! Anyways, we did the drop-in thing and ran for about an hour. The only thing hard about the run was the temperature indoors, it's very warm in there and we weren't over dressed by any means. Either they need to put in fans or suck in some of that cold air. At 8 in the morning it's a good time, as there were only about 5 of us and there's plenty of room. Trish and I decided on Saturday mornings starting in January, we are going to do the Spin Class at 9:00. It goes for 8 weeks and I think it will be a good workout. And the view is quite beautiful. Might even see some wildlife. There were certainly a lot of tracks through the woods down below.

I baked today,did laundry and crafted. After we left the University we called Michaels to see if they were open and they were. So off we headed. I picked up some wool and letters and glitter. Stay tuned. The possibilities was endless. Not a good place to go with a fellow craftwoman. And I mean what does a coupon for 40% off one item do? I mean really! Squat! Let me tell you. At this rate I will never be able to retire, there are just too many crafts to be made.

So that is my tale of the day. I am off to bed with sore shoulders and feet. Night, night.....sleep well.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

There's something about a fresh snowfall that makes everything seem fresh, clean and new. I love it when the snow lays heavily on the trees, just like I love flocked trees. So pristine and pure looking. So of course after being very cold all week, it warmed up today and snowed! Not that it's anything new that's what it always does in the north. We don't get big thaws like other places in the provinces, it usually sticks around.

Running this morning with the girls was great, wonderful in fact. If not for coffee, we probably would have run longer but really.....gingerbread "latte" versus more sweat? Sorry the "latte" won out. But maybe tomorrow if I can find a companion, otherwise it's going to be the track on Sunday because a cold front is moving in and a lovely -26 will be upon us again for three days.

Picked up supplies to do some baking today, would like to get the nanaimo bars, meringues and truffles done. Wish me luck! Kait wrote one of her last exams today, one more to go and she is done, 17 years of school! Oh Yea! Next week will be very busy. Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy!ps. Did I mention the funky red tinsel tree? Ooooooh stayed tuned! Coming very soon! Drive safe my friend!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wednesday

So here it is Wednesday and it's still very cold. And better yet, it isn't suppose to warm up till next Wednesday. I might just have to bite the bullet on the weekend and bundle up head to toe and just get out and run! I have been running, only in the luxury of my basement on a treadmill in shorts with a fan and a 50 inch television.....I know but what's a girl to do. Certainly can't just sit back and wait for winter to be over with.

I made this huge batch of gingerbread dough on Sunday afternoon but I am not impressed with the recipe, for one it had too much molasses and I think too much flour. Anyways, the whole batch minus 15 cookies went south! So not sure I will attempt that again cause that's the way I am, if it doesn't work the first time, then to heck with it all together. So now I'm onto truffles, I think they may interesting, not because I like eating that sweet stuff I just think it will be fun. so I checked out Sears and the red tinsel tree last night, and the price is dropping, so I will hit them up this weekend to see if it will come down anymore. I said to myself last night if it's still sitting there then it is meant to be mine, and the price was marked down even. So I 'll go in there again tomorrow and have a peek. If I didn't think it was so darn cute I wouldn't bother but well that's the way it goes.

Steve is beginning to show signs of going stir crazy.....he doesn't like being stuck in the house. The deer have been roaming through the back yard and one of these days I will get a picture of them if it isn't too dark out.

So I hope the splendor of the season isn't starting to get you down with all the pressures of baking, cooking, shopping and decorating, remember to take time for yourself,sit and enjoy the beauty of the season.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby.. it's cold outside!

Well when it decides it's going to get cold, boy it comes with a bang! I don't mind the cold but with the wind, it just makes it miserable. Needless to say, we did not go running outside yesterday. Instead resorted to the treadmill and watched the news. Trish and I both decided minus twenty does not make for a fun run. So I think it will be the treadmill for the next few days because there isn't any sign of it warming up anytime soon.

I managed to get out and do some shopping and get some photos enlarged. Had a wonderful gingerbread latte from Starbucks to make up for the lack of food. I think it counts as nutrition, there was milk and whip cream! Very yummy! It was great!

I made the Ritz Mints today and they are too good! Also got the gingerbread dough made for the cookies. It was a late night Saturday, we went to a house party at Rick and Yvonne's, around 10 we decided to play "Catch Phrase", talk about fun! It was girls against guys, and well of course the girls kicked butt. I founs it at Walmart today and bought it. I think it will be fun to play when the kids are home. So around midnight we packed it in and said our good-byes. It was a very enjoyable evening. I am off to drink my tea and try to finish a sleeve of this sweater. I resisted buying more wool today until I finish this project. Night.......

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New York!

Just thought I'd take a quick trip to the Big Apple! Not! But my daughter did and I love some of the photos she gave me. Another one of my most favourites is the Brooklyn Bridge, it is so cool! I can't wait to go there one day!

Good morning everyone! Wow don't the weeks just fly by? Seems to me they do. Not much to say these days. I had my haircut yesterday and it's a big change for me. I haven't had it this short since I was 8 years old, at least I can't remember anyways. When I told Farrah that, she was glad I waited till she was done before I told her, or she wouldn't have gone this short. But I like it and it feels great! Thanks Farrah!

The weather has turned cold, and running the hill yesterday was kind of nice, if that is possible? See I must be loosing my mind! But it's much easier if it's not warm. Still we froze our "batoots" but that seems to happen anyway. Trish and I decided we need to design specialized underwear so our "batoots" stay warm instead of freezing into a block of ice! Otherwise it was quite pleasant! When it gets this cold, the ground is rock solid and the snow is quite slippery. but happy to say so mishaps.

So I have quite a bit of shopping to get done this weekend. It's one of those years when nobody needs anything, as the girls will be travelling after Christmas, so they don't need much, otherwise it will just have to go into storage, so next year it will be easier as you always need household things. And Daniel well, everything he needs is supplied by the Forces so maybe a few civy clothes, maybe a camera.....have to mull that one over. So I thought I would just finish off the stockings this weekend and have a look. Mom liked her skating rink to go with her Village, I think she was surprised!

Must get ready for work. I will leave you with visions of shopping on Broadway! Have a great day!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Yea, it's December!

I love the month of December. I love Christmas, the colors, the pretty decorations, the many choices of style. It's a decorators dream or a nightmare for some. I tend to go overboard this time of year. I guess when you wait all year its got to be special.

Listening to Barack tonight on the news did not bring me to my happy place. I think it is inevitable now that many more troops from Canada will be going to Afghanistan. We will have to wait and see just how many. Can you imagine how many families will be effected by 30,000 US troops, 10,000 British troops, they expect to put 100,000 troops in by 2011. If you don't know how many are in a troop, it doesn't mean 50 or 100 members in troop, it means individual soldiers. Well I hope he's not wrong saying that they will succeed in making a difference. I just don't see how you can fight those people and their beliefs.

So in the mean time I am thankful my son is here, and still training.

I have a new addition to the Santa parade. He is very beautiful in his stunning cream and gold robe. The new Mr. Claus is on the left hand side. I have a project to finish tomorrow, it involves red balls and a chandelier. But tonight I was busy making peanut brittle. Two batches. It's sooo good! Definitely packaged that up and put it away.

Tomorrow is the "dreaded hill" it will be number 8. It's suppose to be very cold in the morning, it will make it a little easier, hopefully no wind, that would be a blessing. Not much else to say, other than good night, sweet dreams....