Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

There's something about a fresh snowfall that makes everything seem fresh, clean and new. I love it when the snow lays heavily on the trees, just like I love flocked trees. So pristine and pure looking. So of course after being very cold all week, it warmed up today and snowed! Not that it's anything new that's what it always does in the north. We don't get big thaws like other places in the provinces, it usually sticks around.

Running this morning with the girls was great, wonderful in fact. If not for coffee, we probably would have run longer but really.....gingerbread "latte" versus more sweat? Sorry the "latte" won out. But maybe tomorrow if I can find a companion, otherwise it's going to be the track on Sunday because a cold front is moving in and a lovely -26 will be upon us again for three days.

Picked up supplies to do some baking today, would like to get the nanaimo bars, meringues and truffles done. Wish me luck! Kait wrote one of her last exams today, one more to go and she is done, 17 years of school! Oh Yea! Next week will be very busy. Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy!ps. Did I mention the funky red tinsel tree? Ooooooh stayed tuned! Coming very soon! Drive safe my friend!

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