Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As days go, I would say not much was accomplished. I just hate it when you go out to find certain things and nobody, anywhere, has what you're looking for. Not the case for my son, he found exactly what he wanted and was satisfied to sit in the truck and wait while I ran from store to store searching the impossible. I will be sooo happy when Fabricland comes back and I can just sew what I want. So maybe tomorrow I will have better luck and I will start earlier.

Tomorrow is the "dreaded hill day" it will be number 10 and I hope the wind isn't bad in the morning otherwise it will have to be postponed. it ususally doesn't start till a little later than when we usually start so here's hoping. We just want to get it done. It's warm out right now therefore it is snowing. Oh yea! If it's not freezing cold it's snowing, I know it's my own fault for living up here but it does have its good points despite the chilling temperatures and the unbelievable amount of snow that can fall in a night. But at the moment the good points are evading me! Enough already....

I just finished watching a movie "Julie and Julia" very funny. I highly reccommend it, a definite chick flick but worthwhile and very light and humourous. Well that's it that's all I am off to bed to finish reading my book, The Associate by John Grisham. Ciao!

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