Monday, December 28, 2009

The "New Year" approaching

Well it's only 3 days till 2010, hard to believe that a year goes by so quickly. I couldn't help myself today, I had to start de-cluttering. With the New Year approaching I always like things to look spic and span and fresh. So the decorations are coming down. It's a steady progress because I have to clean everything and all the corners in the process.(I am my own worst enemy) I did get my bedroom finished and the new duvet cover and shams on and changed the drapes. It's tres chic. Now I am thinking I would like to paint the fan over the bed. I really think white is too stark in that room....of course one thing leads to another and I had to go through my bookshelf and make room and put together a box of books that can go to the Thrift Store. Or maybe I will take them to work and donate them to the Pink Ladies.

I wanted to go and pick out tile for my on-suite but didn't get that far. Hopefully tomorrow I will head to Home Depot. Must get to the Plumbing wholesaler to see about a shower stall and door. We had a short run this morning and it was cold, I'll be glad when this cold weather breaks and stays at a steady -5. Trish and I have done quite a few runs over the holidays which probably saved our butts from gaining a few pounds, she was ready to kill me Sunday morning when we headed to the Cameron Street Bridge and back, but it wasn't my fault. Someone thinks I am chubby! Trish can take it up with "him". I did get the car washed today and it looks brand new!
I have been procrastinating taking some pictures of the hoar frost on the trees, but I think I got a few the other day. Lately my camera is not performing the way I want it too but then again maybe it's the photographer. I think I need lessons. Or a better camera?

I want to get a few things at Michaels, so I will have to get an early start. I have so many projects brewing in this head, it's starting spin. And to think I have to go back to work in a week. Yikes! What's with that? Anyways, I am off to get the coffee ready for morning. Night all...........

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