Sunday, December 13, 2009

Running around and around....

I think sometimes I have just too much going on and can't keep up....I think I'm ahead of the game and then I realize nope..........I was wrong. Where should I start........this morning Trish and I went to UNBC to run around the indoor track as it was -31C, even being diehards that is too cold for woman or beast. Our friend Denise was suppose to join us but she was a tad late the night before, so had to pass. Next time Denise! Anyways, we did the drop-in thing and ran for about an hour. The only thing hard about the run was the temperature indoors, it's very warm in there and we weren't over dressed by any means. Either they need to put in fans or suck in some of that cold air. At 8 in the morning it's a good time, as there were only about 5 of us and there's plenty of room. Trish and I decided on Saturday mornings starting in January, we are going to do the Spin Class at 9:00. It goes for 8 weeks and I think it will be a good workout. And the view is quite beautiful. Might even see some wildlife. There were certainly a lot of tracks through the woods down below.

I baked today,did laundry and crafted. After we left the University we called Michaels to see if they were open and they were. So off we headed. I picked up some wool and letters and glitter. Stay tuned. The possibilities was endless. Not a good place to go with a fellow craftwoman. And I mean what does a coupon for 40% off one item do? I mean really! Squat! Let me tell you. At this rate I will never be able to retire, there are just too many crafts to be made.

So that is my tale of the day. I am off to bed with sore shoulders and feet. Night, night.....sleep well.

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