Sunday, June 29, 2014

28 years......................

The Hubs and I celebrated our 28th anniversary yesterday, hard to believe so many years have gone by, three children, four houses, three moves, 2 career changes, multitudes of animals, amazing to think about really......but its a good thing. In this day and age, 28 years is probably an anomaly to still be married, although, a few of my friends have my friends have surpassed us and a few have recently become widows but that's not a nice place to visit.

 I came home from work on Friday feeling worn out and tired from limping around all day and to my surprise there was a gorgeous bouquet of 28 roses awaiting my arrival along with two bottles of wine! What a great guy he is! He know certainly knows how to make me happy! Then we went for dinner on Friday night with our daughter and Saturday out with a couple of friends for dinner again! I am spoiled for sure.......thank you my dear for going the distance!

I had a fairly productive week considering my state of impairment, but I am not one to let things keep me down when I want something done. I figure it only makes you stronger when you have to overcome obstacles in your life........

I've been wanting to make a pond in the front yard but the Hubs seems reluctant to dig up six feet square of turf to help me put one in...... so my next idea was a water fountain feature by the front door. Rather a simple solution for the time being and fairly easy to accomplish with a broken foot. I love the water lettuce floating around,  a really cool plant, and so many choices but only so much room.......I'm still working on the pond idea.........I'm pretty positive Steve would love to have a few fish to watch swim around.......oh and think of the plants I could experiment with! Cross your fingers maybe next year........its all part of my plan to eliminate grass and mowing!

The other list of to do's was to paint out my island. You didn't know I owned an island?  Well I do and it needed painting.........

It looks so much better white than dark brown, now I am going to get the top cabinets painted by one of our contractors and I really think it will change the whole look of the kitchen, not to mention brighten it up in the gray days of winter.

I'm not doing much knitting or crocheting these days, as there is a certain little kitten, namely Stella Blue who thinks it is part of her enjoyment to grab at the needles and hooks and drag yarn away.......silly little instead, I have been painting in my studio and trying a few new things and I am quite taken with my quirky new friend "Pelican Pete"

My studio has taken a beating lately and I seriously need to get in there and spend a week organizing and rearranging its these things get away on my I do not know........maybe this week........with a little help from my friends I can make things right.......

......................Well time to shuffle off and get ready for my day, I need to go check in with the group and see how their run went today, and enjoy a cup of coffee, then get back here and start the process.......enjoy your weekend what's left of it, hope all is well you and I may just check in tomorrow with an update, and hopefully some progress! Ciao for now my amiga's and amigo's!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Taking a break........

Because I have so many things going on and probably you don't need to hear about all of it, and I wouldn't want you to get bored.......between working all last week, fracturing my right (left one was last summer %^$$%^%#)I know STUPID.......any whooooo, I have been painting and doing a few projects.

Our middle child has moved to the coast, so for now we are no longer empty nesters, we are a three people, three feline household......the Hubs doesn't know if the house is big enough, well dear, we did have 5 people, 3 cats and 2 dogs in a much smaller space at one time, so I think we can manage! Geez Louise!

I've bought material that I have intended to make a pillow with doing a quilt version for assembling the pieces, another thing that got put on the back yarn for a shawl, and sweater......, a few canvases with some art ideas brewing in my brain.....books that are calling my name, and now that I won't be running for 8 weeks I will be able to catch up on my sit-down projects.

I had seen these giant dragonflies on Pinterest, so my co-worker Jason and I built a few, mine I wanted for the front yard to hang on the fence.

Giant Purple Dragonfly
I have another one in the works and hope to have it airborne this weekend. My brain works too much, and being a one legged hop-a-long right now is not helping the cause!!!

I'm reading the best book right now by Janie Chang, Three Souls......

its one of those books you don't want to put it down or to end, but I'm almost there so I can move on to my next one The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler....

I've been reading out of my "norm" lately and I have to say there are a lot of really great writers out there......its good to explore new avenues some times.

So funny the other day a customer came into the store who used to be an art teacher so of course I struck up many topics about art and composition etc, etc, and now that he is retired he is starting to dabble in hobbies that he didn't have time for before......and he is into photography and excited about his new find a Canon AE that he picked up for a song with all the lenses......he told me I should give it a try, nope been there done that......I'm loving the automatic digital cameras, less strain on my brain and then there is Lightroom and Photoshop, well the possibilities are endless for great photos with the click of a mouse....... I know "real" photographers are cringing but you can't tell me they aren't loving new technology!

Anyway, painting is my thing right now, that is an adventure into my quirky brain indeed, indeed!

Well that's it, that's' all for if you don't see me around again for a few weeks, no worries I'm out there re-inventing myself! Ciao for now, have a fantastic weekend.