Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm back...........

Well talk about a whirl wind trip. I cannot believe that I have flown to Montreal and done all that I did within 5 days! Yikes! We had a wonderful time, the grad ceremony and parade were quite amazing. The graduates were very impressive. And all so very smart looking, of course I thought my son looked wonderful. I have to say I "Love" Montreal. After all the horror stories I had heard about the french people....don't believe it for one minute! They were friendly and very easy to understand. Sure made you think about all the french you took in school. Glad I paid attention then! So we did a little sight seeing, and a little shopping! Oh my goodness...the shopping is to die for! If only I had unlimited funds! Yikes it would have been marvelous! But I have to admit I didn't do too shabby! Love my boots! Love my jacket! Need I say more? Anyway it was fun.

I forgot to mention how terribly cold it was, I think the first day was bearable -6, then the next -17 with a wind chill of -30. Now it's cold here but "nothing" like that oh my goodness!I will post some photos of the fantastic architecture, wow talk about history!
The girls arrive home tomorrow for a week before they are off on their big trip through Southeast Asia....yup they will be gone for three months. Thank goodness for Internet. I don't think I would be too comfortable with them travelling if it wasn't for that connection. So I am pretty beat so no running tomorrow, but will have to make it up starting Tuesday. I really am looking forward to my own bed. Funny how that is...........oh well I am glad to be home......cheers!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goals and Crafting

It's been a great day, Trish and I ran 16km this morning, but our main goal was to up our time to 1:45, and we went a little over cause ...well...the watch. It didn't quite read 16km so we did a loop around the parking lot and back in. So yes I am a little anal but that's ok. So I think if we didn't have to share the jelly beans and we both had a package we could have gone 21. Which in the end is going to be our goal. A two hour run but I think it will more than likely take us 2:10.Which is a respectable 1/2 marathon in my books any ways. So that was our morning, and I felt pretty good all day, haven't checked with Trish so hopefully she is fine. I was reading an article by Hal Higdon, that stretching is something I really need to practise, so each day I am going to spend a half hour stretching, I mean cats do it all the time and look how flexible they are! So it has to be a good thing!

Speaking of good things.....I decided to take a hiatus from the reno projects and do a few crafty things, I also made a trip to the library and picked up a few books. I really don't like that they have changed the borrowing to 3 weeks. So I have 4 books to read in that time . Kinda of hard I think, when I usually end up falling asleep about the second page in at night. But we'll see how it goes, I love reading, but I tend to get headaches if I do too much at once. But these are the latest to my collection of reads. I finished the BECKY novel last night. Jane was right, I did really enjoy it. It was a good read with lots of history. Thanks Honey!

As I was saying I have a few crafty things lined up. Monograms are the "biggest" thing right now so I got an idea today and had to make a quick trip to Michael's cause believe it or not with 100 plus embroidery thread I didn't have any black....pathetic I know..........but the problems has been rectified.

Basically this afternoon we watched football and watched football....So Superbowl has been decided not that I really care but it was fun watching the fans get all excited. Well one week today and our girls will be home, preparing for their trip overseas to Southeast Asia. So they are busily packing and moving this week. And finishing off their jobs. Time to go, I need some tea. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Yea, It's Done

I made this sign and when I told Jane, she said "Well duh Mom, what else would it be?" Silly girl, she's doesn't realize it will get her too one day. It's in the genes.

I just love it when you imagine something and it happens. It's taken me a week of searching and planning, and working my bootee off. With help from my good friend Larry, the cupboards are hung on the wall and with luck they won't come down.(He assured me they were fine) So here it goes, the photos will tell the story......

A small vignette of things. I love the cute,little lamp, I'm still looking for a star, I may have to take one off the front of the house and spray it. It's doable....

A piggy for the change the wash lady collects.

And behind door number three are the multitude of shoes, runners, coats and well things you just don't want to have to look at. Wasn't this clever? I thought so it was one of those "Ah ha!" moments, can't remember when it came to me but it did and I am so happy it worked. I don't think this side of the laundry room has ever looked so put together. The baskets hold many little surprises, but you can't see them but I know they are there if I need them. Well you never know! So now that's done, I wonder what other projects I can take on? Well my on-suite is a definite but it just seems a little beyond me at this point. But I am collecting all the materials. Just need to get the shower thingy, and the tiles. And that's hard.
So the rest of the weekend is free! And that's a good feeling. Good Night and sweet dreams....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New paint and accessories

Today I have to work at another school site as our program at the hospital is closed for two days while Sandra and Rene are in Vancouver for an Alt.Ed Conferenece. I wish I got to go to those, you can learn a lot from the professionals they get in, but they don't provide anything extra for the help. Whatever, I am working with my friend Laurie today and that will be fun. She is such a nice person, and has more than her handful with the alternate kids she has. She is also a runner and a very fast, so needless to say I don't run with her often. But she does come out on Fridays.

Then tomorrow, I am going to take off work and finish my laundry room. We got the cupboards made last night, mostly me but my hubby helped when it needed to be moved around. They are really heavy. They will definitely need to be in studs! I got the shelf I wanted at a Big Box store after much ado trying to find things the other day at Home Depot, but I like the one I got better. Also a mini lamp, quite adorable, now I would like to find a small articial plant and pot, I will make up the laundry sign this weekend.

This is the new paint color, it's called Happy Camper, photos don't really do it justice but I love this color. I have it just about everywhere now, it is so warm and rich looking. Mostly because all the trim is dark brown, so it goes together well. I thought I should have gotten dark brown cabinets but I think that would have been too much.

I can't believe it is almost the end of the month. We leave for Montreal next wednesday and I am so excited! Daniel is so proud and we are very proud of him. The next step will be Battle School for 8 months and that is suppose to be the make or break training but I know he will thrive with the challenge. I hope the weather is decent so that we can walk around Old Montreal. We have never been there and it would be nice to see a few of the sights.

Must run and get ready for my day. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just this and that

The painting of the laundry room is all done.... now for the finishing touches. I think they take longer than painting! The cupboards are awaiting assembly, all laid out in my diningroom, just need some strong and willing arms. The cleansing of junk is so rewarding I love throwing out thing! The trick is too not over-think it. Just open the bag and toss it! I know the day we have to move to a smaller place is really going to be a wake up call as too how much "stuff" one really needs. I am actually looking forward to a smaller house. When the kids were growing up all we wanted was more room and then when we finally get the bigger house and they all leave home! Geez what's with that? I guess that all goes with the process. It's good though when they do all land but in the meantime, I can clean out years of accummulation.

Trish and I ran 14km on Sunday. We felt pretty good at the end and probably could have done a few more, as it was, we went around the block to add on. The only mishap was blowing out my Yax Trax on Queensway and only being half done, but it was fine. Later in the day is when it kicked in that "Holy Cow" my legs feel like jelly! Glenn and I had gone shopping and about midway I was thinking I need to have a rest!
But of course that never happened. I finished painting the laundry room while watching the 2 hour Season Opener of 24. Gotta love Keifer!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Running Group

I thought I would post something about running today since I am a crafty runner but I don't usually say too much about it. So this morning after our weekly Friday run, I took a photo of the group at our local coffee shop. It's more of a social thing on Fridays to catch up with everyone if you missed coming out during the week. It was a large group today and even then we were missing a few of the regulars. But work, injuries, and families sometimes take precedent over our early hour runs. Today I am happy to report no one tried running us down. Of course it helped that it has melted a great deal and there's more sidewalk and bike lane to run in. But Paige did have her camera in case the same person tried it again. But I think her reporting of the license number last week may have put an end to that happening again. I would have to say our group is fairly considerate of cars and realize that we are no match for 2000 pounds of Detroit steel. But that's a whole other topic of discussion.

These photos are quite funny as most of the group had some sort of reflective clothing on therefore, it tends to make for a glowing effect that almost makes us look terrestrial. Quite weird if you aren't expecting it.
Today was quite balmy, although it did start to rain when we were nearing the end. And did it ever rain for a few hours, would not have wanted to be running in that. So we were lucky. Tomorrow I think will be a mess since it snowed and thawed and tonight it is going to -6C. I'm happy I won't be running tomorrow, instead I will be painting the laundry room. Wish me luck, have a great evening!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rethinking the Laundry Room

I've been perusing through magazines looking at laundry rooms. You know there are a lot of people of there whose laundry rooms are the size of my living room! I mean really, just how much time do you want to spend in there? I have a few ideas in mind for mine because it's time for a change. I don't know what I was thinking but obviously I wasn't using the inner brain power that I know I do possess. I hate having to remove wallpaper and every time that I have too, I swear I will never put it up again. Well duh....what was I thinking? I know it's only a border but did I have to go crazy and put it around the whole room. Sometimes I am just not very "SMRT"!

So I have an idea....first it's the wallpaper removal, paint, cull, and storage. It's a nice size for what you need to do in there. So I have the paint, I need the cupboards for above the washer and dryer. It's unfortunate that I don't have my nice front loaders anymore because they bit the dust a few years ago. Not made for high usage. Too bad, they were nice. So I will make do with the 'normal ones'. And please tell me "WHY" the dryer vent is half way up the wall? My first guess would be a man about 6 feet tall thought it would be a convenient place for it. How stupid it that? I think I should be able to move it down about 2 feet. Can't be rocket science.

Well this is the plan for the coming week. So it's Wednesday tomorrow and Trish and I will be dragging ourselves up the hill. I think we will add on a few kms, but I won't tell her till the way down! Have a great nite.

Monday, January 11, 2010

There was a party and I wasn't invited

Obviously by the amount of snow in the backyard this was taken a few days ago but I think you will get the idea that something was going on back there and I know it wasn't me. By the looks of the tracks and the chewed branches, there was a herd of deer in the yard having a party! They were also in the front yard chewing on Susan's tree, a tell tale sign when there bits and pieces of branches scattered about. I don't mind the deer, I would buy hay bales and put them on the hill when it gets so cold like it was last week and so much snow, but Glenn says "no" to that one. He said they will come in droves if we start feeding them. Jeez they gotta eat! Poor things! Well it was a nice thought.

Tidier and Neater----

I finally finished cleaning my craft room, well for now anyways. I need to get to the Thrift store and drop off another load. There are still very many back issues of magazines that I just hate to part with, or like some people I know "rip" out the know who you are! So that is my dilemma at the moment. But I did cull my closet on Sunday and got rid of things I hadn't worn for a few years (but I couldn't part with some of the jackets and blazers or the heels just yet) I did manage to get a few bags full thou. Dresses from the 80's that I am sure I won't be wearing anytime soon. Back to the Future just isn't me anymore!
So I started my Ballard Designs wall plaque yesterday and after "MUCH" frustration at having to cut wood trim with a hand saw, does not work by the way. I decided it was best to put it away before my lack of patience took over and it became firewood. Did I mention patience isn't my forfeit. Not by a long shot. When something seems so simple and straight forward and it causes me a headache, time to put it away and try another day. So that's what I did this morning after I came in from our "ice run"(very slippery this morning) before work. I got it to the painting portion and was pleased I hadn't ruin some good wood and trim. After I got home from work I sanded and painted the borders and so far so good. I will take a photo in a day or so when it's all done.

The weather is crazy warm, "Pineapple Express" flying through, melting and raining. What a mess! I will take -10C any day. I'm off to watch my shows! So happy they are done with the reruns.....ciao!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Week

I've been so busy this week with trying to finish cleaning out my craftroom and sorting through things the week has just flown by. But yes I am still alive. I made a trip to the Hospice Resale store and dropped off a car load of crafts and fabric, I think they will be busy for a few days sorting that out!. I still have a big pile that needs to be transported down to my car but I will need muscles for that. But it is coming together. It's hard to know what kinds of organizing container and such I will need. But I managed to recycle a few things that I already had in other places. So for now it is clean and refreshing and a cozy place to be. I made a pencil/pen/scissor holder for the desktop, bought a case for all the scrap booking papers. So that's helped tidy things.

Well I think the cold has broken for a few days, so that is good for our running. Trish and I only got out on Monday and Friday this week after we had such great plans. But I had a touch of the flu on Tuesday so spent the say on the couch. Not good. It only lasted 24 hours good thing!It's quite warm out today so hopefully it doesn't start raining cause that will make it very messy for tomorrow's run.

My son has gone back to Boot Camp this morning and I know he has been waiting anxiously for the three weeks to be done. We will see him again in three weeks for his graduation but he won't be home for who knows how long now. So he went out with his buddies last night and played hockey and of course that led to downtown but he was packed and waiting this morning to head out. What an awful hour 6am for a flight. I guess I am usually up and on the road by that time, it just seemed weird to be going to the airport. So it's done and back to normal. Whatever "normal" is suppose to be. It will be quiet........more time to run and does not end....have a great weekend!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh dear, look what I started!

Generally speaking I am a fairly organized person, and people will tell you I am neat but unfortunately my craft room got away on me. I have been buried in there all weekend. Friday at 2 till Friday night at 9:30pm, seven hours. Yikes! But I started culling....oh dear what a disaster! So back at it again Saturday morning till 4 that afternoon. Was my back killing me? You got it! But I have a huge load to go to the thrift store and a huge load to go to the dump. I have not cleaned out this drastically for oh......I am thinking 10 years or more. I know it was bad. My mom told me to stay away from the craft stores....well maybe for a bit until I finish the projects that I have in mind at the moment. But the organization is coming along and it will come together.
Unfortunately, I could not get in there today as I had to finish undecorating Christmas but it's done and the trees are away and the house is clean. Laundry is done and it's back to "work" tomorrow. It's been a good break but I am definitely more organized when I am working and have deadlines.

The holidays were excellent and we ran and ran. I looked at my watch today and I think we logged over the last 14 days close to 100 kms. That's pretty good. I mean some days were brutally cold but we seemed to avoid the wind as we went early in the morning. Which is good cause tomorrow we are back to our regular 5:30am. We have a goal in mind but I'm not saying it out loud otherwise it might jinx it. Just know that we are on a mission!

Anywho, I will show you the disaster of a craft room and then when I am done you will be so impressed that such a mess turned out so beautifully. Anyone need some craft magazines? Ciao for now. Night!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thrifty Decor Chick: Seriously, come ON.

Thrifty Decor Chick: Seriously, come ON.

I 'm so glad I found her blog. I'm so busy trying to clean my craft room so that I can get busy some of these projects. She is incredible and I can't wait to get started.

The ideas are endless. I took before photos of my craft room and they are scarey. But as soon I get finished I will post some before and afters. It is amazing the stuff you find when you start cleaning. Inspiration is coming as the pile for the Thrift store gets higher. Now storage is the question? I will have to start searching out ideas to store some of these goodies in. Anyways have a great day I expect to be in the craft room for another 8 hours today! Ciao