Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh dear, look what I started!

Generally speaking I am a fairly organized person, and people will tell you I am neat but unfortunately my craft room got away on me. I have been buried in there all weekend. Friday at 2 till Friday night at 9:30pm, seven hours. Yikes! But I started culling....oh dear what a disaster! So back at it again Saturday morning till 4 that afternoon. Was my back killing me? You got it! But I have a huge load to go to the thrift store and a huge load to go to the dump. I have not cleaned out this drastically for oh......I am thinking 10 years or more. I know it was bad. My mom told me to stay away from the craft stores....well maybe for a bit until I finish the projects that I have in mind at the moment. But the organization is coming along and it will come together.
Unfortunately, I could not get in there today as I had to finish undecorating Christmas but it's done and the trees are away and the house is clean. Laundry is done and it's back to "work" tomorrow. It's been a good break but I am definitely more organized when I am working and have deadlines.

The holidays were excellent and we ran and ran. I looked at my watch today and I think we logged over the last 14 days close to 100 kms. That's pretty good. I mean some days were brutally cold but we seemed to avoid the wind as we went early in the morning. Which is good cause tomorrow we are back to our regular 5:30am. We have a goal in mind but I'm not saying it out loud otherwise it might jinx it. Just know that we are on a mission!

Anywho, I will show you the disaster of a craft room and then when I am done you will be so impressed that such a mess turned out so beautifully. Anyone need some craft magazines? Ciao for now. Night!

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