Sunday, January 24, 2010

Goals and Crafting

It's been a great day, Trish and I ran 16km this morning, but our main goal was to up our time to 1:45, and we went a little over cause ...well...the watch. It didn't quite read 16km so we did a loop around the parking lot and back in. So yes I am a little anal but that's ok. So I think if we didn't have to share the jelly beans and we both had a package we could have gone 21. Which in the end is going to be our goal. A two hour run but I think it will more than likely take us 2:10.Which is a respectable 1/2 marathon in my books any ways. So that was our morning, and I felt pretty good all day, haven't checked with Trish so hopefully she is fine. I was reading an article by Hal Higdon, that stretching is something I really need to practise, so each day I am going to spend a half hour stretching, I mean cats do it all the time and look how flexible they are! So it has to be a good thing!

Speaking of good things.....I decided to take a hiatus from the reno projects and do a few crafty things, I also made a trip to the library and picked up a few books. I really don't like that they have changed the borrowing to 3 weeks. So I have 4 books to read in that time . Kinda of hard I think, when I usually end up falling asleep about the second page in at night. But we'll see how it goes, I love reading, but I tend to get headaches if I do too much at once. But these are the latest to my collection of reads. I finished the BECKY novel last night. Jane was right, I did really enjoy it. It was a good read with lots of history. Thanks Honey!

As I was saying I have a few crafty things lined up. Monograms are the "biggest" thing right now so I got an idea today and had to make a quick trip to Michael's cause believe it or not with 100 plus embroidery thread I didn't have any black....pathetic I know..........but the problems has been rectified.

Basically this afternoon we watched football and watched football....So Superbowl has been decided not that I really care but it was fun watching the fans get all excited. Well one week today and our girls will be home, preparing for their trip overseas to Southeast Asia. So they are busily packing and moving this week. And finishing off their jobs. Time to go, I need some tea. Hope you all had a good weekend.

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