Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just this and that

The painting of the laundry room is all done.... now for the finishing touches. I think they take longer than painting! The cupboards are awaiting assembly, all laid out in my diningroom, just need some strong and willing arms. The cleansing of junk is so rewarding I love throwing out thing! The trick is too not over-think it. Just open the bag and toss it! I know the day we have to move to a smaller place is really going to be a wake up call as too how much "stuff" one really needs. I am actually looking forward to a smaller house. When the kids were growing up all we wanted was more room and then when we finally get the bigger house and they all leave home! Geez what's with that? I guess that all goes with the process. It's good though when they do all land but in the meantime, I can clean out years of accummulation.

Trish and I ran 14km on Sunday. We felt pretty good at the end and probably could have done a few more, as it was, we went around the block to add on. The only mishap was blowing out my Yax Trax on Queensway and only being half done, but it was fine. Later in the day is when it kicked in that "Holy Cow" my legs feel like jelly! Glenn and I had gone shopping and about midway I was thinking I need to have a rest!
But of course that never happened. I finished painting the laundry room while watching the 2 hour Season Opener of 24. Gotta love Keifer!

Have a great day everyone!

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