Thursday, January 21, 2010

New paint and accessories

Today I have to work at another school site as our program at the hospital is closed for two days while Sandra and Rene are in Vancouver for an Alt.Ed Conferenece. I wish I got to go to those, you can learn a lot from the professionals they get in, but they don't provide anything extra for the help. Whatever, I am working with my friend Laurie today and that will be fun. She is such a nice person, and has more than her handful with the alternate kids she has. She is also a runner and a very fast, so needless to say I don't run with her often. But she does come out on Fridays.

Then tomorrow, I am going to take off work and finish my laundry room. We got the cupboards made last night, mostly me but my hubby helped when it needed to be moved around. They are really heavy. They will definitely need to be in studs! I got the shelf I wanted at a Big Box store after much ado trying to find things the other day at Home Depot, but I like the one I got better. Also a mini lamp, quite adorable, now I would like to find a small articial plant and pot, I will make up the laundry sign this weekend.

This is the new paint color, it's called Happy Camper, photos don't really do it justice but I love this color. I have it just about everywhere now, it is so warm and rich looking. Mostly because all the trim is dark brown, so it goes together well. I thought I should have gotten dark brown cabinets but I think that would have been too much.

I can't believe it is almost the end of the month. We leave for Montreal next wednesday and I am so excited! Daniel is so proud and we are very proud of him. The next step will be Battle School for 8 months and that is suppose to be the make or break training but I know he will thrive with the challenge. I hope the weather is decent so that we can walk around Old Montreal. We have never been there and it would be nice to see a few of the sights.

Must run and get ready for my day. Have a nice day!

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