Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just a few things......

I've been working on this week. I love making baby things mostly because they are just sooo darn cute! Sooooo when my daughter wanted a hat or two for her cousin's new baby girl, I of course have to go "hog wild", and then I thought it would be adorable if the new "mom" also had a matching cloche. So to take my mind off missing my friend Pam, I knew it was best that I kept busy and planned many projects.........running was like totally at the bottom of the list! That's not a good thing, but I have to admit taking a "wee" break has given the aches and feet a much needed rest!

Now with the cooler weather coming our way its been a nice change bringing out the yarn and hooks. I envy people who can knit but its just not in the cards for me, although I do have one little people's sweater I love to make..........anyway getting back to a few hats..............

Goofy Owl Hat from
Repeat Crafter Me

Lavender Baby Cloche with huge Fleur

Baby headband with burgundy Fleur

Pink, brown and cream with giant flower
 I don't usually make "theme" hats but I couldn't resist making this owl hat, Cassidy's theme in her bedroom, is owls and the great outdoors, so naturally she should have an owl hat, and then my cousins daughter is having a babe in February and another owl themed room happening so I am going to make a few owl projects for her.......well that's what my fingers have been hooking this week, and with working full-time for the next couple of weeks, my mind tends to dream up many more projects.....weird how that works.....when I am not working I struggle at focusing on any one project but get me working and my mind goes into mock speed of other things I should be doing! But it works and makes for a "happy me"! This weekend I "have " to paint two kitchen walls, when we were getting the new flooring, we took out the baseboard heater and the wall needs to be repaired and I managed to scratch the wall and seriously "beige" doesn't work well in my spectrum of "roasted sesame seed" a Benjamin Moore color is going on tomorrow......well its time for that 4-letter word........W-O-R-K! Have a great weekend and I hope you get out and enjoy the crispness of the Fall weather!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good-bye my friend.......

it was sooooo fantastic to have Pam and Chet come for a few days! Having coffee together in the morning in our pj's was a such a treat! We have coffee many mornings but its usually through the phone lines. They left today to head home, but we had a few days to chat and tried to cram as much as we could into our waking hours. I sure miss having her to bounce ideas off......and I am sure the feeling is mutual, we are very much alike, and that's scarey to think about at times........ we have many good ideas and projects lined up, just a little short on time to get them all done.

Pam and I sharing a cup of coffee
on the front porch.
Also another visitor came by the house
 this morning for breakfast!
Just cruising around the neighborhood
It was a little freaky sitting here this morning when I glanced out the window and low and behold Mr. BB. Bruin came sauntering through the front yard having a look around, but as quick as I could run into the kitchen and grab my camera and out the front door, he was already walking across the ditch and up to the road, so I thought if perhaps I whistled he might turn around. NOT! He picked up the pace and was across the street......duh!  They are still wary of humans.......but I managed to catch a few shots just for our Scottish friend, who was so disappointed at not seeing any bears. Sorry you missed him Lee, he was a "beaute"! So that was my excitement for the day. Safe travels Pam and Chet! See you again soon!

Time for my evening tea, and to bed early cause Sue and I have to get our butts out tomorrow for a short run. Chowie is getting his stitches out tomorrow. And I am happy to say he is back to his old self. The cat with 99 lives! What a guy! Night all!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Waiting on a visitor.....

Yes, I am just going to make this quick because I am waiting for my good, good friend Pam to arrive, I may talk to her a few times a week but I haven't seen her since November! Yea!

I managed to get some of the Fall decorations, done last week and with a few added flowers after hitting Michael's yesterday. The weather has turned a little cooler but still quite nice and it definitely smells like fall. So with that I've dug out the yarn and gotten busy making a few things. Nothing says Fall like hooks, and yarn!

I love these yarn pumpkins!
Styrofoam balls wrapped with yarn,
add a few leaves and voila!

Wooden trough with the addition of
fall and flowers

Buddha, and a gift of a yellow mum

Well must run and put the veggies in the oven and wait for the call "where are we?"
The crocheted projects will be up next! Gotta love the cooler days. Have a good week!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Over the Hump.....

It might be mid week but it feels like the end of the week to me.....I guess when you start work on a Wednesday your times and places get a little turned around. So last when we talked was Saturday, and I was working on a few things to send to my daughter, those are done and on their way to her. The cowl is finished and is quite pretty, just waiting to get the hubs to take a picture........but I have it on a good authority that it is quite adorable. I made my daughter a few coasters and a picture to go with her color theme, kind of simple but it works and she likes them so that's the main thing.

2 x 3 foot canvas with dot art, purple, lime green,
grays, and black

ceramic coasters

My greatest feat! Parking in my garage!
Woo hoo! Only took 10 months!

A very cool hole in a tree, I was a little
scared there might be something in it.

One of my purchases at BK Nursery....a Sumac tree
and I think it will go on the side of the driveway
where there is an unsightly clump of something.

A piece of driftwood found on the beach one evening,
turned int oour house address, hand painted
I might add.......

Another purchase from the nursery, two torchlight plants with
beautiful spikey red flowers, and a deep pink rose bush,
thank you our Scottish friend......
That was my Sunday and Monday, although the majority of Monday was spent grocery shopping and chores, but we did manage to do another run, up at the Mountain Bike Park, a little longer than we anticipated, we got a little lost, two wasp stings, a twisted ankle......oh ya....gotta love running on the trails! But it's all fine, the ankle is only tender. I managed to stay home all day Tuesday and get some baking done, the Autumn decor is out and I've started on a few coffee cup cozies, and a baby hat for a new little girl..........I shall return, but one last photo that proves we did have a great summer........

A pair of feet with flip flop tan lines, that's gotta be a first
for the Hubs. All from many walks on the beach esplanade.
Well that's all for tonight, too many things to catch up on, but tomorrow I shall return with a tablescape of Fall decor, and an awesome recipe for Gluten free granola bars. Good night and sleep tight.........

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mid-September Update

Going, going, gone is the way September is looking! Crikey! Times goes by way too fast! As you can tell I am feeling a little behind, I haven't been able to get any of my Autumn decorations out or any baking done. This past week was literally a blurr! So I have plans for my days off this week and hope to dig out my Fall decor and get some much needed housecleaning done. But this week I started working on a crocheted cowl that I saw on Pinterest ( don't you just hate that site) I used to have spare time but not now with a gazillion things to make and suss out! Anywhooooo, that's my other I'm in the midst of making this, Lucienne cowl adapted by my good friend and crochet Guru, Debbie, thanks Deb, I think it's looking quite beautiful! Photo to follow in a day or soooo but here's a look as to what mine will kinda, sorta look like!

Mine is going to be in a lime green, grey blue and grey white.....

Next on my list besides finding my garage.....just so if I want to park in there I can.....I want to make these pumpkin beauties........

2x4 wooden pumpkins

2x6 wooden pumpkin and leaves

And I think it's time to make my trough into a horn of plenty of sorts,
goodness knows I have the gourds!
So this is what is going to be happening in my neck of the woods for a few days......Sue and I haven't ran all week and I think that has been a good break for us, we will do the Terry Fox Run tomorrow morning and possibly get out another day this week. But having a break is a good thing, let aches heal and relax a few muscles that have been stressed of late.

Well I hope you have a wonderful weekend, safe travels and I hope you get up to some creativeness as well this week. Cheers!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Coho Festival Run - Vancouver's 14 km Beach to Bridge to Beach to Bridge to Beach Run

This was my Sunday.....up at 4:50, facebook, get dressed, make toast, hop in the car and take off to catch the 6:20am ferry to the city.......ride ferry for 40 minutes, drive 15 minutes, park car, hop on shuttle bus, go across to city and WAIT for an hour to start was a little chilly, as it was the first day in a long while when the sun wasn't shining brightly by 8 am.....Sue and I met up with one lady from our running group on the ferry,  and then when we got to the Shuttle bus destination we met up with the fellow who is also in our running group, who was nice enough to pick up our race packages  and we all rode the bus together......the we hung out in Starbucks for 40 minutes and tried to stay warm......not that it was cold but we aren't dressed for standing around in the breezy morning. 

So at 9:00 we were off on our 14km run........Sue had a time in mind ..........I did not! But she casually mentioned wanting to be around the 1:20 mark for time, I thought fat chance.......but we would just see how it went.........

Kitsilano Beach

The Seawall
Prospect Point, this was not a nice hill to the top.......
and "no" we did not stop and have a look around
at the scenery, we trudged our way to the top
of the freaking hill!

Over the Lions Gate Bridge to West Van,
this was the reason I wanted to do this run!

Capilano River, we ran over,
didn't see any salmon spawning

Ambleside Park was the finish with this totem
welcoming us home
So we finished with a very respectable time of 1:16 medals or even participant medals but we did get pretty nice t-shirts, and I think if they broke down the age groups a little, there would have been a medal for one of us. Perhaps a suggestion will be made! Anyway that was our day, a few stops here and there, and back home by 5pm. Great day! Thanks for the run Sue! Hope you all had a great weekend. See you back here in a day or so......time for tea! Good night.........

Friday, September 7, 2012

Hope your weekend is grand!

Busy day for me at work today......paint by the gallons barely had time for lunch.....I managed to get my quilting fabric washed and ironed yesterday morning before I left for work and I am loving the colors but I am not crazy about the backing fabric so when I go to the city next week I think I will look for something else....

I think I will look for something in a teal for the back.....I have a beige flannel but there's not enough now that I decided to go bigger so I will have a look and see what else I can do instead.

I am off to Vancouver with Sue on Sunday to run a 14km race, the weather is suppose to be a tad cooler but no rain and cloudy, so that makes for a comfortable run. Especially with a killer hill in the middle....Oh why do I do this to myself....I do not know! We had a really nice run this morning, and with little to no sleep last night I was quite amazed that I actually felt as well as I did.......I hope it goes that well on Sunday.

I will be posting a bunch of Pumpkin recipes that I have been collecting, and testing them next week.....although not sure what day that might happen since I work an extra day, going to the city, and Monday is booked with , chimney cleaning and painting said chimney.....anyway...hope you have a wonderful weekend and that you find something creative and exciting to get up too.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

25 years ago.....................

I was holding in my arms a beautiful little girl, with a great big name......Kaitlin Joan-Evelyn came into this world, and ready to take it on with all her might! Her big sister, Jane was so happy to have her own real live baby. Being born on Labour Day, Kait has taken her role seriously in the work place and has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources, and it's funny how you can't imagine her doing anything but. Happy Birthday my Beautiful Daughter! I wish you sunshine and happiness all the days of your life!

So it's back to work today for me, I've had a few busy days and well that just goes without saying with me......I think I might grow moss under my feet if I stood still too long.......I thought I would take it easy yesterday (hahahhaha!) and maybe just cut out my fabric for Jane's rag quilt but well........sometimes the best laid plans go awry! I had no intention of painting but I went outside in the morning to water the plants and took a look at the outside lights around the house and knew I had bought paint to touch them up, because really I would like to buy new ones but at the moment I haven't found any that I like enough to buy and since my last name isn't Rockefeller or Gates, buying the ones I "REALLY" like from Restoration Hardware aren't an I just got out my tiny tin of Tremclad high gloss black and went to work.....tedious but worth the effort.

much nicer than old and rusty

these on either side of the garage door were
very faded so shiny black is
soooo much more attractive

even the garage door handle
didn't escape the transformation
The neighbour Peter, had a good chuckle when he found me up the ladder painting with my tiny brush......he said "he would have taken them down and took the glass out and'd be without lights for a good week"  .........nope that's not how I roll, just getter done! I actually don't mind painting such tedious things, a brain surgeon I would not make, but I can wheel a mean half inch paint brush! Well........ so after I finished that little job, I felt sorry for my neighbours having to look at the one side of the house I hadn't painted......soooooo I started painting again......I really do need to get a life! And as Jane pointed out, what are you waiting for Spring! No dear! It just causes me great pain in the elbow and wrist! So my stubborn side took over and away I went on my painting tangent yet AGAIN! For tomorrow there are drugs........

The front door entry all cleaned up,
 much better than burgundy

Front of the house, still a little burgundy
 going around the fascia

These are the dining room windows,
last bit still to do but too much vinery around
so I may cut it back next week and get this
done before Pam comes to visit!
Then I thought I should I finish the sundeck before my my mom came for coffee.....and it looks soooo nice, I'm glad I did it!

The last thing to do is the lattice....can we say NOT!
and just buy new white plastic .....yes I think so my dear!
Well I am off to get ready for work. I hope you have a glorious day, its going to be a beauty here today, so wish me buckets of paint! Ciao for now........have a great day!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm trying

to keep things on track from now on and I thought if i do things as soon as i download the pictures then it would be easier. so number one for today, this is the first time in 20 years that i was not looking forward to the first day of school. i am not employed with any school district these days as you know, so it was kind of a nice feeling for a change....hard to explain unless you have been in a job for a long time and when its time to go to work you aren't going. my friend and ex-co-worker knows that well this year as she is taking a year off so i can imagine she was doing a happy dance this morning! today was kind of nice i have to started early, that's a given.....the hubs went back to work this week and our scottish friend went to the city to wander i had the day and house to myself.....first thing this morning i put supper in the crock pot, then went off to see my mom and spent a few hours there and came home to putter in my studio. and putter i did!

yesterday i finished making the cushions for kait and her significant other.......i think they will be happy with them, i know i am:))))))

This is the one Kait wanted......she is an "Audrey" fan
can't blame her on this one.......

Tor wants to be a pilot and is working on his license ,
so I thought this one was fitting....

you might recognize this art work......

toilet paper roll art!

many glue sticks and a few burnt fingers......but i think it was worth the never know how these things will work out till you start something........and sometimes well..... they just don't! but i am really happy with this......i have been searching for something to "be" the headboard for our bed and some pictures i have found are nice, but they just don't cut it.....and then i thought i would make a headboard......well that hasn't when i was perusing through pinterest, (loooove pinterest!) i found the well known toilet paper roll art.....and when you have a garbage bag plus of toilet paper, paper towel rolls, you should just go with it! i am really, really happy with the results! i know....... just a tad crazy but when it works it works! well time to go finish getting supper together...........someone should be home sooner or later, i  thinking.......what shall i do tomorrow.......mmmmmm....have a good evening!!!!!!....what are your plans for tomorrow?

Monday, September 3, 2012

If you ever get a chance.......

Go to Whistler/Blackbomb for a few days and do the Peak2Peak. It is well worth it. Yesterday we drove up to Whistler and spent a few hours roaming around the hills and town. Being the Labour Day weekend and a Sunday it was very busy with people from all over the world. It wasn't very often you hear d english being spoken as you walked by people. Definitely a tourist destination. I stood in line waiting to get tickets for the tram that takes you to the top of the world and chatted with people who were here visiting from London. They were really enjoying the sights of British Columbia. They were also going to head to Banff and Jasper, these are other famous destinations of tourists, who want to take in the glorious mountains of the Westcoast.

First stop was the Big Chief in Squamish,
a popular place for daring rock climbers.
this is not on my bucket list!

Heading up the first tram leaving
Whistler at the bottom

These smaller trams take you partway up and
they hold 6 people.
Man made lake, for what I am not sure,
 because you wouldn't want to swim in it!

Whistler Town below
Oh Canada!

The Hubs and our friend, Lee from Scotland.

Looking up to the Top of the World point, we didn't
go that far probably should have
 but it was quite cold up there.
then you walk back down.
These are the trams that you travel from peak 2 peak in,
they hold 18 people but it would be pretty
crowded with that many people in them.

We went over in a glass bottom tram and
 this was the view down below, pretty awesome watching
 the ground pass by 1500 feet below.

Spectacular views for miles around
I like the sign that says habitat and cougar!
What? Only one cougar?

Sorry this is sideways but I wanted to include it
this is a 50km race called Meet your Maker.
I have a friend who did this and his Team came 1st!
This might be on my bucket list! Way to go Darren!
Once you get over to the Blackcomb Peak
you take the chair lift back down to the bottom, the
first half was a little chilly. but then it got warmer
towards the bottom.
So that was how I spent the last weekend of summer. Being a tourist in my own backyard. Hope you had a great weekend. Happy September to you!