Thursday, September 6, 2012

25 years ago.....................

I was holding in my arms a beautiful little girl, with a great big name......Kaitlin Joan-Evelyn came into this world, and ready to take it on with all her might! Her big sister, Jane was so happy to have her own real live baby. Being born on Labour Day, Kait has taken her role seriously in the work place and has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources, and it's funny how you can't imagine her doing anything but. Happy Birthday my Beautiful Daughter! I wish you sunshine and happiness all the days of your life!

So it's back to work today for me, I've had a few busy days and well that just goes without saying with me......I think I might grow moss under my feet if I stood still too long.......I thought I would take it easy yesterday (hahahhaha!) and maybe just cut out my fabric for Jane's rag quilt but well........sometimes the best laid plans go awry! I had no intention of painting but I went outside in the morning to water the plants and took a look at the outside lights around the house and knew I had bought paint to touch them up, because really I would like to buy new ones but at the moment I haven't found any that I like enough to buy and since my last name isn't Rockefeller or Gates, buying the ones I "REALLY" like from Restoration Hardware aren't an I just got out my tiny tin of Tremclad high gloss black and went to work.....tedious but worth the effort.

much nicer than old and rusty

these on either side of the garage door were
very faded so shiny black is
soooo much more attractive

even the garage door handle
didn't escape the transformation
The neighbour Peter, had a good chuckle when he found me up the ladder painting with my tiny brush......he said "he would have taken them down and took the glass out and'd be without lights for a good week"  .........nope that's not how I roll, just getter done! I actually don't mind painting such tedious things, a brain surgeon I would not make, but I can wheel a mean half inch paint brush! Well........ so after I finished that little job, I felt sorry for my neighbours having to look at the one side of the house I hadn't painted......soooooo I started painting again......I really do need to get a life! And as Jane pointed out, what are you waiting for Spring! No dear! It just causes me great pain in the elbow and wrist! So my stubborn side took over and away I went on my painting tangent yet AGAIN! For tomorrow there are drugs........

The front door entry all cleaned up,
 much better than burgundy

Front of the house, still a little burgundy
 going around the fascia

These are the dining room windows,
last bit still to do but too much vinery around
so I may cut it back next week and get this
done before Pam comes to visit!
Then I thought I should I finish the sundeck before my my mom came for coffee.....and it looks soooo nice, I'm glad I did it!

The last thing to do is the lattice....can we say NOT!
and just buy new white plastic .....yes I think so my dear!
Well I am off to get ready for work. I hope you have a glorious day, its going to be a beauty here today, so wish me buckets of paint! Ciao for now........have a great day!

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