Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good-bye my friend.......

it was sooooo fantastic to have Pam and Chet come for a few days! Having coffee together in the morning in our pj's was a such a treat! We have coffee many mornings but its usually through the phone lines. They left today to head home, but we had a few days to chat and tried to cram as much as we could into our waking hours. I sure miss having her to bounce ideas off......and I am sure the feeling is mutual, we are very much alike, and that's scarey to think about at times........ we have many good ideas and projects lined up, just a little short on time to get them all done.

Pam and I sharing a cup of coffee
on the front porch.
Also another visitor came by the house
 this morning for breakfast!
Just cruising around the neighborhood
It was a little freaky sitting here this morning when I glanced out the window and low and behold Mr. BB. Bruin came sauntering through the front yard having a look around, but as quick as I could run into the kitchen and grab my camera and out the front door, he was already walking across the ditch and up to the road, so I thought if perhaps I whistled he might turn around. NOT! He picked up the pace and was across the street......duh!  They are still wary of humans.......but I managed to catch a few shots just for our Scottish friend, who was so disappointed at not seeing any bears. Sorry you missed him Lee, he was a "beaute"! So that was my excitement for the day. Safe travels Pam and Chet! See you again soon!

Time for my evening tea, and to bed early cause Sue and I have to get our butts out tomorrow for a short run. Chowie is getting his stitches out tomorrow. And I am happy to say he is back to his old self. The cat with 99 lives! What a guy! Night all!

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