Saturday, September 29, 2012

Just a few things......

I've been working on this week. I love making baby things mostly because they are just sooo darn cute! Sooooo when my daughter wanted a hat or two for her cousin's new baby girl, I of course have to go "hog wild", and then I thought it would be adorable if the new "mom" also had a matching cloche. So to take my mind off missing my friend Pam, I knew it was best that I kept busy and planned many projects.........running was like totally at the bottom of the list! That's not a good thing, but I have to admit taking a "wee" break has given the aches and feet a much needed rest!

Now with the cooler weather coming our way its been a nice change bringing out the yarn and hooks. I envy people who can knit but its just not in the cards for me, although I do have one little people's sweater I love to make..........anyway getting back to a few hats..............

Goofy Owl Hat from
Repeat Crafter Me

Lavender Baby Cloche with huge Fleur

Baby headband with burgundy Fleur

Pink, brown and cream with giant flower
 I don't usually make "theme" hats but I couldn't resist making this owl hat, Cassidy's theme in her bedroom, is owls and the great outdoors, so naturally she should have an owl hat, and then my cousins daughter is having a babe in February and another owl themed room happening so I am going to make a few owl projects for her.......well that's what my fingers have been hooking this week, and with working full-time for the next couple of weeks, my mind tends to dream up many more projects.....weird how that works.....when I am not working I struggle at focusing on any one project but get me working and my mind goes into mock speed of other things I should be doing! But it works and makes for a "happy me"! This weekend I "have " to paint two kitchen walls, when we were getting the new flooring, we took out the baseboard heater and the wall needs to be repaired and I managed to scratch the wall and seriously "beige" doesn't work well in my spectrum of "roasted sesame seed" a Benjamin Moore color is going on tomorrow......well its time for that 4-letter word........W-O-R-K! Have a great weekend and I hope you get out and enjoy the crispness of the Fall weather!

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  1. That little owl stole my heart so precious :) I wish I could crochet ~ and I seem to recall hearing that crochet is going to be hot this season so lucky you :) Enjoy your home decorating and all that Fall brings ~