Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy as Bees......

We've been busy getting the yards cleaned up after a very wet few months and don't you just know how much work is involved with grass.......oh what I would do to eliminate all this grass! So that's our plan, to gradually introduce perennial flowers beds and rock, lots of rock or.........concrete would be ideal but unfortunately the lottery hasn't come my way yet. The Hubs has been super busy building garden beds for growing veggies, his favourite thing to do. He even built my mom a 4 x 8 bed for her veggies.

Sitting porch is ready

One more to come and another few yards of soil
Taurus Rhododendron
My next goal is to add a larger flower bed in the front yard along our fence line. I put in a few Lilac bushes, Japonica pierus (?), and Rhododendrons last years but in my folly I didn't realize what a "PAIN" it would be to mow around them and get the weeds out. Remedy will come this year, I'm all about taking the "pain" out of yard work. Spring is on its way, and that means more time spent outside, running, hiking, and hopefully kayaking, so having the yard looking its best, is music to my brain. OCD over messy yards cause me too much anxiety!

We've been talking about getting into a better routine with our running,  at least three days a week. I should be running 30kms a week, and that's not happening. For one, I hate to run by myself, lame excuse I know, but I like to talk! And I'm all about the social interaction.......Sue and I went out Monday and did a decent 10km, and Tuesday was a new hike for me to Hidden Grove with Carol.

Pine Bluff Lookout
Land between to waters
This has to be thee best verse about sweet someone was
to put this on a bench out in the middle of a forest.......declaring their
undying love for someone.........awwwww.........isn't love grand!
This is pretty awesome also. I didn't know I would like hiking
through the woods as much as I do, and when I come upon things
like this it just reinforces
my heart...... there is goodness in the world.
A hike wouldn't be complete without our
trusty companion, Jackson, he loves
to run through the forest!
Well its a rainy day today, so time to clean the house, and get ready for the work week ahead. Well the two days that I have this week. A trip to the dentist........yuck! Hate to this on my agenda but a necessary evil to keep those pearly whites healthy!

Enjoy your hump day! And lets get crafting! Safe travels my friends, and keep your eye on the road ahead.......Ciao!

Best Place On Earth!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Maui in March......

Well here we are just about mid-way through April and I am just posting, life does get in the way along with work and a holiday to Maui.......Someone told me they were tired of looking at little sweaters, so I thought I should get "my act" together and post some photos of a beautiful few weeks in Maui. The weather wasn't fantastic..... but there were a few hot days and rained manly at night. The island was very green compared to the last time we were there, so I guess they needed the water. I could have done without it, I like the "Sun!"

We left at the end of February and took my mom with us as she is getting too old to be travelling by herself and needed some sun also. Our friends met us over there from Prince George and we hadn't seen each other for a few years, so that was really nice.....The flowers are gorgeous and I took too many of the hibiscus plants and the greenery but they are beautiful!

This is something you don't see anymore
We went to Fleetwood's Restaurant  in Lahaina for lunch one day when it was drizzling. Everyone knows the band Fleetwood Mac, and it was pretty neat to see all the memorabilia of the band from over the years. Apparently Fleetwood Mac is going on tour again this year but this time Christine McVie will be with them. Doubt we will go to that concert, I'd rather listen to the old "albums".

By now I think you must realize I have an obsession with rocks and formations, I couldn't resist taking a bunch when we went up to the Blow Holes past Kannapali.

We went a little farther than we were suppose to and ended up on the Highway to Hell, one lane and there's a sliver to pass in some areas, but mostly you back up......not an experience the Hubs is willing to try again! We finally found the Blow Holes, but on this day they weren't blowing! But there was some great rocks!

Life wouldn't be complete without some beach shots unfortunately the days were quite clouded so the quality of some of the photos was quite disappointing......the water was quite warm and the waves were very wild. The Hubs and I got slammed a few times, not to mention turned upside down and all around! Fun, if you know how to recover but definitely not for the faint of heart!

So a good time was had by all, and then it was back home to reality and work. Now its back to crafting, knitting, building, gardening, and painting......never a dull moment, and we seriously need to get back on track with our running schedule. Now that the injuries are healed its time to clock some mileage.....have a great day, and I hope you come up with some projects to inspire your creativity!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sweet little sweaters

I've been in that nesting mood for the last month or so, it must be either a sign of a long winter or I'm getting old.........hopefully the winter, as I am not ready to commit to being old by any means. I found this great little pattern on Ravelry and since I don't read patterns that well, I changed them up to suit my whims.

Miss LadyBug
Sweet Rolled Collar Jacket
Trendy Blue and Grey for the Little Guy
These were all the same pattern but like I said I just adapted the middle shawl collared one to my way. Not a hard thing to do when your crocheting. I've been looking for a ladybug pattern to do a sweater but couldn't find what I was looking for.

Today was my catch-up day around the house, as I am working the beginning of the week and leaving for a little R&R near the end of the week, and for some sunshine, so doing all the little jobs, making a batch of soap, laundry, studio time, sewing a dress, and being up since 4:00 am watching the Olympic Hockey game between Sweden and Canada, the day started early, so a lot was accomplished. Our Canadian men's hockey team pulled off "Gold", as did the women's hockey, as did the men's and women's curling so we will be forever known as the "double, double" country. Fitting since we have a love for Tim Horton's!

So that was my day busy, busy.....but satisfying enough so I'm not feeling bad about going to work tomorrow. But for now, I need to finish up around the house and then head to bed to rest my head! Hope you all enjoyed the 2014 Olympics and feel very proud of your athletes for giving it their all. Till 2018! Have a good night!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Oops, didn't mean it!

Wow!! Where has the time gone! Sorry about that....seems nearly a month has gone by and many moments have come and gone. I am happy to say that our son has returned home from Afghanistan and we couldn't be more relieved to say the least. Here is a photo that I just came across and wanted to share with my friends.

This is our son and troop being greeted by
 Member of Parliament, James Bezan
So for the past month we have been a little more focussed on other things. Our girls were off exploring again, in the small country of Belize..... beautiful place with wonderful beaches and plenty of sun shine.

Yoga on a paddle board!

Belize sunset
Kait in their hostel
(looks nicer than the chicken coop)
Paddle boarding, this I want to try in warm water!
I really think I can be tempted to visit.....

So between keeping track of our children, work, crafts, and our everyday routines, a month has crept by far too fast. But I do have many things to catch you up on.......a few recipes, a pattern or two, and a renovation of a laundry room.....need I say more. Happy Belated Valentine's Day to all, and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New places, new friends

I've lived here for three winters now and I am just starting to explore further away from home. There are amazing trails, and hikes around the coast. They're beautiful, if you are into the "great outdoors", not that I ever really was, but as I get older I am starting to appreciate the beauty in my own backyard. One of my "new" girls, Carol,  is a runner also, also new to the coast from Alberta, and far more of the "outdoors adventure woman" than I ever aspire to be, but she has opened my eyes to some great trails and awesome places to go kayaking.  Who knows she may convert me to some degree but I draw the line at snowshoeing or anything remotely to do with that 4- letter "S" word.  This is the place we found on Tuesday......spectacular inlets, forest, scenery, that will take your breath away......

Beginning of the park.....
Amazing park with great trails,
have to take the hubs
up here for this hike in the woods

This is the cove where you can put in your boats, quite
the little summer places around this rocky inlet.
I think the weight training classes
 are starting to pay off!

We were doing a stretching routine and
thought we test our strength

That's been my week so far, I stopped in at my mom's after our Smugglers Cove run and re-upholstered a footstool my dad had made many moons ago, he was pretty talented, and I think I follow in his foot steps but with a few less staples and nails. Mom and I were laughing that only Dad would put that many staples into holding it all together. That baby was never falling apart. So back at work and I wonder what mischief I can find to get into this week......what are your plans for the rest of the week?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A few days with friends.............

Since moving to the coast, I have to say that the friends I have made, have made the move a whole lot easier leaving my friends back home........even thou my home is here now, and I love it, I spent too many years not to call it my home base.

But the last few days I have spent a few hours with my new 'girls'. Monday Sue and I played hooky in the afternoon and took off to the beach for our sea glass scavenging and driftwood picking, it was a gorgeous, sunny, warm day that January seldom produces. So we took advantage of it for a few hours.

Driftwood Monster

Amazing Driftwood Root

Georgia Beach
Sunny afternoon at Georgia Beach
Peak-a-boo I see you!
Such a fantastic day!

Well so much for Monday and its housework, laundry, and recycling, better luck next time! Time well spent with my first friend in my new home. Thanks Sue for playing hooky!

For all my dear friends back home!
 You are never far from my heart!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Off the grid......

Sorry about being inconsistent with my blogging but my days are full and my evenings are spent in so many directions, concentrating on one thing is getting harder and harder. I think I need a technology break!

I can see a vacation in my future.

Work has slowed down these days therefore my mind starts to wander in different crafting directions. I have been trying my hand at painting, not just rooms but art. I haven't had any training but that's never stopped me, but I do think it would be helpful if I had a lesson or two. So that is on my agenda for this year. There are so many wonderful artists here on the coast and I tend to loose confidence in my ability but I am sure everyone goes through those feelings, but I do it for me and no one else, so I dabble.................a fellow blogger, Claudia said it best in her last post about winter being a time to slow down and enjoy the peace and get in touch with yourself. Thanks Claudia for the reminder. Love your new hat! So you!

Myself, I have been thinking about the activities that give me a feeling of accomplishment, knitting or crocheting is one of them. Its something you can do and just enjoy the moment.

I started knitting and crocheting after taking many years off.  I bought some beautiful  yarn in many colors (because one ball is never enough!), and then I got to work, crocheting furiously for two days straight until I realized that my new infinity scarf was disproportionately huge. I had to undo everything and start over, my enthusiasm somewhat dampened. But I was not discouraged, I began searching for patterns on the net and and my addiction and love for yarn grew. Why would anyone spend so much time making a hat or scarf when you can go out and buy a piece for a fraction of the cost......I will tell you is a way to feel proud and more conscious of your surroundings. Granted buying yarn at Michaels is more economical than purchased yarn from local farmers or independent fibre stores but when you make something yourself you wear it with pride.

Knitting is a way to reclaim independence. We live in a world where we depend on certain individuals and companies to perform highly specialized tasks for us. There’s something satisfying about taking on some of the responsibility for clothing production and sending a message to the industry that I don’t need them to make my scarves.

Knitting can help a local industry. It wasn’t cheap to buy two skeins of that locally produced yarn, but at least I’m making a statement with my consumer dollars to a nearby farmer, endorsing his or her decision to make a living raising sheep. According to the stats, if every American or Canadian redirected 1 percent of their disposable income to domestically-made products, it would create 200,000 jobs. Cheap imported clothes become a lot more expensive when you calculate the loss of domestic jobs.
So my baskets full of yarn do have a purpose, and as of now I am busy making projects that my future generations will enjoy. Maybe premature, but enjoyable and relaxing all the same. And that's why I like to sit and knit or crochet. Nothing says love like a homemade project........
Have a great day and take time to do something special for yourself.