Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marathon of Gardening

Well the sun seems to be showing its face a lot more often now and since I had so many projects to get done. Sunday was a perfect day to go the distance and garden till I dropped. The Hubs is doing a marathon of his own but not by choice! Work has become a nightmare of sorts and when he finally gets a day off, the last thing he needs to do is spend all day mowing lawns........the veggie garden needs planting and that's suppose to be his "thing"!

So on Sunday I got busy after my morning run, I started mowing lawns.........7 and half hours later...............OMG! The yard looks amazing! If I do say so myself! The boat is planted, the planters are done, the gate was painted, weed whacking was done......phew!!!!!!
What an amazing day! It was hard to believe I hadn't collasped in the yard at some point, but it was all good. I let Stella crawl around the yard exploring and Steve was a great big brother and kept an eye on her......she was so excited to get out side.

Miss Stella Blue
I painted the gate (just one coat) but I think it works

I would like to stain the whole fence white, but in this climate it wouldn't be practical......and seriously..... as crazy obsessive as I am, I'm not touching that project, but I will power wash it and spruce it up...........when the Hubs shows me how to use the "new" fancy power washer. And of course I will use Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat Wood Cleaner and get it to look like nice greyed cedar.

Hanging baskets on fence

Planted boat

New tree, Weeping Laburnum, its so pretty!

Pink Rhodos

Purple Rhodos
Beautiful Lemon Yellow Rhodo

So I'm feeling good about the yard, and I know the Hubs appreciates some of the pressure is off of him. I think I would like a full load of cement delivered soon thou! When I win the lottery paving stones, gravel paths are going to replace some of this golf course! WAY to much GRASS!!!!!! And grow? Crikey! Slow down already!

Well today is my Mom's 88th birthday, so I am going to go visit her and take her to lunch. Then a trip to the beach this afternoon to find some driftwood........I hope you have a stellar day! Time to get this show on the road. No running today, we did an hour and 45 yesterday, so today its weights.......give the ol' feet a rest!

Have a great day!

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