Monday, May 5, 2014

Super Food Salad

I've been a salad freak for quite a long time now, you know trying to eat right, feed the temple, fuel the brain and all that jazz! So how's that working for ya! Haha! Lol! Many that know me are probably rolling on the floor at this point. Okay, lets get back on track........I do love salads, all different kinds and creations. But I'm hooked on this latest concoction.........Omg! Thee best ever! I latched on to my first bag at Costco, its called a "Super Food Package Combination" The one I have has five leafy veggies, kale, chicory, shredded brussel sprouts, shredded cabbage, and broccoli, some have spinach also. Then there are raw pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries and a poppy seed dressing. Soooooo.......that's just the beginning.......most of the time my salads are my meal and I want everything!

The other day I cooked some yellow beets, they are delicious! Sure hope the Hubs is going to plant these too. Red beets are good also, but they are sooo messy to cook and clean......yellow is a good thing. Cooked diced chicken is a nice addition but not this day, some chopped avocado, mushrooms and Bam! Delicious and nutritious dinner salad! I only drizzled a little of the poppy-seed dressing over it, and a few dashes of Balsamic vinegar.......trying to cut the bad fats.

So that's how I roll when it comes to salads. The full meal deal, gluten free, vegan at times, calorie friendly, a fast metabolism boost, and paleo all in one! Try it! You'll be glad you did!

So getting my crafting on and using up an over abundance of corks......(don't know where they would have come from :*) I saw on Pinterest these cute garden markers......
Easy peasy right? Bamboo skewers, corks, permanent markers and your best printing. And Wha La!
How simple and cute are these!  Now you know what to use your corks for that you've been saving. You're welcome!

I have another great idea I'm finishing up today. I will share with you later.

Time to get rolling, busy day ahead and our new addition is arriving today by plane from the island and I need to go pick her up. Meet Miss Stella Blue, our new Balinese baby! Steve's new friend!

                     Have a great day! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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