Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Head Spinning!

I am in serious need of an many ideas, so little sleep really important? I mean really sometime it is such a waste of valuable time, think of all the crafting that could be done with no interruptions at 2 in the morning! I'm seriously considering sleeping less and doing more in the night! Do you think the neighbors would mind a drill going in the night or a staple gun?

We have been doing some serious gardening, I have pots to plants, a new addition to the garden to plant up!

Boat needs a name.......
The Hubs bought this little boat last year when he wanted to go out crabbing but it was too small for two people and all the traps.......but its a beautiful little cedar boat, so instead of it just sitting neglected in the yard, I re-purposed it into a perennial planter. How cute will this be! It weighed a ton before and now that it has 2/3's of a yard of soil in it, this boat will not be going anywhere, anytime soon!
I have been meaning to post a few photos of the new flower beds for my friends, so here they are......just a few!

The horse chestnut tree in this photo needs to come  down.

But in the last few days when I haven't been running and seeking plants and flowers.......I want to address this gate......

I think I want to paint the gate and add some art to it. If you go searching for gate designs your head will "spin"! I mean seriously, I wish I could weld! Some of the iron gates out there are phenomenal! Even the wood ones blow my mind.......and if you know me I think I can accomplish something similar!

So you can see why my head is spinning! Omgoodness! So many ideas! So after I go to the dentist, get some groceries, buy some flowers, and get back home, I have a busy afternoon running today, 30km under my new shoes this week, so a little rest for today.
                       Have a great day! Its another sunny day!

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