Saturday, November 28, 2009

Today I spent baking and doing a few finishing touches. I was reminded by a friend I hadn't done the tree skirts. I really don't have tree skirts and so I rummaged through my fabric baskets and found a few pieces to do the job. I think I will have to look around in January and see if I can find a couple. Thanks Pam! Done for this year. My husband comes home tonight so I have to go to the airport in a while and pick them up and drop off Ol' Dad. I fear I will turn into a pumpkin as I'm not usually awake past 10.

I baked my favourite biscotti today, lemon poppy seed with lemon drizzle, yum........and cranberry/almond all very good. Alsomanaged to wrap a few things.

It snowed the majority of the day, but I just poked my head out on the deck and it is raining. Oh I think it's very confused up there! I'm glad it decided to wait till after Trish and I were done our run this morning. It was like running in sand in some parts, not fun especially up hill!

Well I think I will go put my feet up and have a cup of tea. I am done for today.....have a nice evening!

Friday, November 27, 2009

This and that ...a busy week

Oh my what a busy week this has been. Today is my daughter's birthday. I am so very proud of her, Happy Birthday Honey! You are a beautiful woman! Steve says Hi!

I think I've almost finished my decorating for Christmas. I know I still have a few things left to do and the ideas keep swimming around in my head are out of control. It has been a very busy day and I have accomplished a lot.

I cannot believe how much it is snowing out right now! They said we were going to get snow, hopefully it doesn't last too long. But it just goes to show you, just when you think it's not winter yet, BAM! So I imagine tomorrow morning Trish and will be running on the beach. Good thing it's only a short run day. We ran thismorning and Denise came with us, I was so surprised and happy that she is coming out again. Just like old times. Many of us have been injured and are just surfacing again. Boy it's hard when you have to stop and then try to build back up.... oh the trials of a runner....

I got some of the house finished today, the banisters, the outside, my bedroom, just need to get the candy tree up. But where? That is the problem....Now if only I could get the red tinsel tree from Sears? I know they will break eventually. I just know it!

I'm certainly glad I had today as my discretionary day, it made things a whole lot easier. My friend lost her father last night, I know there is a sense of relief as he has not been well for a while but at the same time, when you lose a parent it is very hard. My heart goes out to her and her family. Take care of yourself Rene. Your friends are thinking of you.....

My husband comes home tomorrow night and he is going to be soooooo......surprised at the transformation this house has gone through! He didn't know I was making a mantle, or that I was going to do all the decorating. So I can't wait to see his face! Now I will have to start baking and wrapping. Yikes! I need to make a list. I'll need to get in as many running days in the next few weeks as possible, it helps with the stress! So I hope you like. Good night!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One down... Two to go...

Well one month today and it will all be over, Christmas I mean. So today I put up the first tree in the livingroom. With the mantle all done, I thought it was best to finish off the room with the tree. I am really happy with the mantle, I was in Winners the other day and I was talking to a friend of mine as she was doing up an end display, and when I said she was done she said you can always add more. So that's exactly what I did with the mantle, some might say there was too much but I like it! Very glitzy and so golden!

I am very tired tonight and my shoulders are aching, after moving all that furniture by myself....hokey doodle! Trish and and ran the hill this morning, what a nightmare, it was so icy coming through the university and across the parking lot. But as long as we kept moving we were fine. No mishaps. We saw a deer on the side of the road, poor thing, must have been hit by a car. So that makes number 7 only three more times and we're done. Then we can take a break. So I am off to bed, night all!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Afternoon Sky

Very Cool!
Hold on Toto!

This afternoon I was standing at the photocopy machine and I couldn't help watching the clouds...they were moving so fast across the sky. It was very ominous, a storm definitely brewing. If we had been in Kansas you would have thought a tornado was going to touch down, but no after snowing the greater part of the morning, around 3:00 the sky opened up and it proceeded to pour cats and dogs. It would happen on a day when I just wanted to run in and out of a few stores. A few more gifts were bought between the downpour, so I thought it best to just go home. I had a lot of work awaiting me at there. A phone call to Mom, to see how her say went and we both managed to get Jane's birthday gifts in the mail. Should be interesting to see whose get there first! Ah, the mail system...I started hauling up the containers of decorations and made a small dent in the living room.

I picked up a few things from the Dollarama to add to the "new" mantle. I do believe it is coming together. While I was looking for paper to do the niches, the lightbulb came on, and I thought mmmmm.....they make really beautiful gift bags so I picked up a couple in a very glamorous design and they look fabulous. I like having those "Aha moments" it really makes my day. I know pathetic but it's true. So now it's time to watch "House" and a bit of down time. So tea and my new mags...good night, sleep well
"All the beauty that we see, is heavens gift to you and me"

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Red Berries

Well the weekend certainly flew by,I managed to get quite a lot done today, floors washed, house vacuumed, laundry done, and my mantle is done! I am so happy. I looks exactly the way I envisioned it. I'm excited to be able to do a mantle scape for Christmas. Of course, I have to give the credit to Larry, otherwise it wouldn't have gotten done. Now that I've seen it done, I could probably do it but thank goodness I have a very handy friend. Thanks Larry! So I've started to think of ideas as to what I would like to put on the mantle, not too much, so when I get it done I will post a few photos.

Trish and I ran this morning but my heel really hurts so I think I will take a few days off. I wish it would get better and it doesn't seem to matter whether I run or not, so I may have to go back to doctor. It snowed a wee bit more today but this week it is suppose to get up to 10'C so hopefully it melts, it's not nice to run on when the roads are full of ruts.

I am watching a movie called "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas", it's quite sad, but then movies about the Germans and the war and how they treated the Jews is quite pathetic.

Tomorrow I will start to get some decorations up now that I have decided where I am going to put the tree in the livingroom. I hope I sleep better tonight than last night or I am not going to get a heck of alot accomplished tomorrow. Kait has been really sick, but she went to the clinic today and the doctor says it probably viral so not much he can do about it. So lots of liquids, Vicks, and lots of sleep. Stay healthy, take your vitamins and wash your hands! Take care all.......

Saturday, November 21, 2009

It's been a long day

Well I made've probably heard the saying "run ragged" well that's me today. The day started at 6:30 which is about an hour later than normal but I have been going strong for 14 hours. I am pooped. Trip to the airport, all went well they arrived safe and sound in sunny Vallarta....should be an interesting week to say the least. I made my trek out to Michaels, Canadian Tire, Costco and came home dropped it all off, nice chat with Pam, a few bites of sushi, and then back out 45 minutes later to Save On and then to the lumber store. Got all the ingredients to do some Christmas candy making and the nuts and bolts, and then to Windsor to get the wood for my mantle.

The guys are so fantastic in there. They are so helpful. I have to admit they get a good chuckle after I have been through the doors. I ask their opinion but really I just want verifcation that I am on the right on my way home I stopped at the movie store and picked up "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" Sandra told me it was very good, a tear jerker but I won't be watching it tonight. Far too late now. So once I returned home I proceed to stain the wood so that it will be ready for tomorrow. Then it was on to the berry trees, I am not sure if I like the ribbons, so they may get axed, but for now so you get the idea. Now that I have done a couple of topiaries I know what I will do if there is a next time.

Did I mention my heel is killing me? Ya it probably wasn't such a good idea wearing the black h----- boots shopping for 4 and a half hours, and when I plan on running 10tomorrow but I am icing it now so it'll be fine. So back to the crafting, I saw this idea on one of the blogs I read, and I will admit somethings just aren't as easy as you think they are, I mean I am fairly crafty, and smart about figuring things out but then sometimes I am not. But then well, that's another whole conversation. But I have too admit after much verbal discussion with the glue gun and my imaginary friend it is done and it is beautiful. I would like to know why it is 6 weeks before Christmas, I come up with all these brain waves of ideas. There are other months of the year when I could start these projects so anyways here it is hanging on my boudoir door....

And here is a close up, I think it turned out pretty. A little heavy but I think it will be okay.

Well that was pretty much my day, I am going to sit and have a piece of spelt bread and peanut butter and go to bed. Hope you all have a wonderful evening.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Been doing a little knitting........

This week has not been all that productive, the topiaries are sitting waiting to be completed and what have I been doing....knitting. I started this little sweater a month or so ago and lately in the evenings I've just been watching a few of my favourite TV shows. Totally mindless but sometimes you need to do those kinds of things to recharge your batteries. Probably due to the change in weather, after the horrific winds we had over the weekend, it decided to snow, that's not a bad thing, and the temperature has dropped and that's ok as I would rather run in the cooler weather, which Trish and I did this morning. The dreaded hill day. I think it was our 6th time so we have 4 more to go to achieve the required 10. At this point we don't dare miss a Wednesday or you have to start over.....I think not!

As I was saying, I have been knitting, and I have had some help. Steve has been hanging around quite a bit these days and talking up a storm. I think he realizes that winter has descended and he is not impressed. So he has decided to take up a few hobbies. Not sure how that's going to work but he is amusing to say the least.
I know the girls will get a kick out of him. We think he is a little odd but best not to tell him, he's very smart and I am quite sure he understands "everything" you say to him.

So I promise I will finish the topiaries soon. My son called this evening, he must of known I was thinking about him today.......anyways a big inspection tomorrow, and a critical one in the fact if they aren't up to Week 7 standards they have to start over .....I don't think that's a good I hope they fair well. He was also put back in charge as Senior leader quoting him "cause I do I good job" I guess that means he's good at telling people what to do! Can't imagine where he gets that from.

Well I am off to finish watching Bones....gotta love to you soon.
Good night!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doing a few things......

I started a few projects on the weekend and finished the recipe holder that I saw on Shanty2Chic and I have to say it is really cute! soemtimes I just would like to put the recipe up so I am not always searching for it on the counter or spilling things on it. So it's very cute. Now the Christmas tree topiary are turning into a wee bit of a hassle, since I have never done one of these before and thought "how hard could it be" wrong! I ended up semi finishing one and deciding "ding!" that's not the way I should do it. So....I ripped them apart and started over.....needless to say they still aren't finished but close! You can see what I mean. But I will finish them tonight and show you that they will be quite lovely. I hope...........

I think, I have a handle of this mantle project that is going to happen this weekend, after talking to a carpenter fellow at Timmy's sunday morning.....with Larry listening intently(cause he will be doing the grunt of it)we now have a handle on it. so stay tuned after the weekend. Now I need to finish those topiaries.

We had quite a snow storm yesterday (yuck!), it was really heavy,wet snow. Althou it looks very pretty I know it will be murder to run in tomorrow.....I had a vision of a picture I want and hopefully I can try and get a few more shots today with the snow on the branches....I have an idea formulating in my head, just have to figure out a way to do it. Maybe that's the problem way too many projects in my head and not near enough hours in a will all come out in the wash eventually.....have a great day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I took this photo off the sundeck of my neighbors yard, I just love the way the tall grass shines and sways in the wind. I hope it lasts through most of the winter. I spent the majority of the day running between dollar stores and Michael's looking for supplies to make a topiary for my new mantle, and I finally came up with something but it sure would be nice to have the choices that they have in the US. We don't even have a Fabricland anymore, so that just leaves the variety of Dollar Stores, Walmart, and Michael's. But I think it will be fine. I also went to the lumber supply store and talked to my favorite guys, who know more than anyone at Home Depot, I mean really don't you think they should be knowledgeable when they work in a department. I can't wait to get started on my new's going to be fabulous!

It's terribly windy tonight, I hope the power doesn't go our, I will have to sleep with one eye open so I don't sleep in. Like that ever happens with Steve around! We are running in the morning but I'll have to take it easy after yesterday, it felt good at the time but sure paid later. Today it was fine but I guess I better not be trying to win any races anytime soon.

I hope the wind settles down by morning it won't be fun otherwise.....Denise might come out, I haven't seen her in a very long time. It'll be nice to see her,catch up and have coffee. Have a good night!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Where does the time go?

It's seems strange that it is Friday and the weekend is here again. I mean it felt like the weekend having Wednesday off, a short weekend mind you but I accomplished so many things in one day it was amazing.Friday is coffee run day and run we did, the wind blew us all the way in one direction but of course you know what that means, fighting it coming home! Trish made the mistake of walking the "dreaded hill" on Thursday night so she said her legs were "junk" today but we were fine and did 6.5 in 41 minutes so I think we are amazing. But did I mention that my heel is paining me tonight...Yes not nice.

Anyways onward........I found the most amazing red tinsel stars today! I was so excited...after mulling over how I was going to make the decorations for the windows( Starbucks wouldn't give me theirs) geesh what's with that? So when I came across these tinsel stars they were perfect to go along with my "Starry Night Theme" I know stars aren't red but these will be awesome! We had a skiff of snow today but nothing significant....thanks goodness I will post a photo .....pretty but it can hold off till Christmas Eve please and thank you.

I need to so birthday girl shopping tomorrow, Jane's birthday on the 27th, hard to believe she is going to be! Doesn't seem right.....Oh and to the best two ladies in the office, you're fun to be with each day! Thanks for making it worth while to come in everyday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Day to Remember..............

I probably will remember this day for many years to come as it will be the first Remembrance Day my son has participated in as a soldier. I hope and pray he will have many more.

Trish and I ran the "dreaded hill" this morning either I am getting senile and don't remember how bad it is from week to week or that it actually feels good to do it. I have to tell you it is 3km from bottom to top at a 10% grade, that is steep, now granted we don't run the whole way because we just don't. We run a pole walk a pole, probably a kilometer worth but that in itself is murderous! But today we did extra, started further away and went into the University and around the back way. It was good. Then enjoyed coffee with Kelly and Annie, good times and laughs!Funny girls!

I went to the Dollarama and got some more tinsel to finish my wreath, it's going to be sooo pretty! Then I went and had coffee with an old friend and dear friend. We don't get a lot of chances to visit so it was really nice. Working takes up too much leisure time.............But it's back to work tomorrow for a few days........night!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A time to remember.........

I suppose from here on in Remberance Day will bring on a whole new meaning for me. My son phoned tonight to tell me he will be in Montreal tomorrow for a ceremony and to do a march. I have mixed feelings on the whole army thing but mostly because of the role they are playing in Afghanistan. I know it will end at some point, I just can't really see the point. But for now I am thankful he is safe at home on friendly turf. My heart goes out to all the mothers, fathers,and families who have children and relatives over there right now.

I have come up with many new ideas to decorate the front of the house for the Christmas season. I purchased five more metal stars today and sprayed them red, I have an idea formulating, I think it will be very pretty. Having tomorrow off work will seem odd being a Wednesday but I will run with Trish in the morning at 7 and then get home so that I can go to the ceremony at the City Hall, then I will be going to the dentist in the afternoon. Hopefully I can get my wreath finished and the stars hung. I am off to watch one of my favourite shows. so good night and God Bless everyone..........Be Safe.

Monday, November 9, 2009

I have been remiss..................

I can't believe how fast the time goes by, all last week I was writing Wednesday on the board, and before I knew it Friday had arrived. I had a very busy weekend, I made some very pretty cake plates but I think they will make gorgeous candy dishes. After scouring every thrift store in town I found five very nice crystal candle sticks. Finding pretty plates turned out to be quite abit more difficult. I need to raid my mothers china cabinet.....these are them.

I also found these very cute sugar cookies. But unfortunately they are not edible or maybe that is a good thing? Certainly no calories! I found them in the Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas, like I need to find more things to do. I think they are awesome.

Christmas will come early around here this here, as all the kids will be home the week before so I will do Christmas dinner on the 19th, my girls will be home(as well the boyfriend) and my son flies in that weekend also. I am quite excited! This may be our last Christmas for a while that we will all be together, so I think I will go over the top with the decorating, I mean really is there any other way?

This morning Trish and I ran and in our 45 minutes together I am sure our Christmas decorating is coming together. Red is going to be the front porch theme, I think it will be very striking. I have many ideas and will need to start writing things down so that I don't get lost now I need to get ready for work. I know this is backwards but I really did need to catch up. Have a wonderful day. Be silly, be honest, be kind........

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hokey Doodle!

Well I survived the Craft Fair. Saturday was a bust, not very many shoppers just lots of lookers, but thankfully Sunday brought more people out and lots of shoppers! I sold quite a few of my Rhubarb leaf bowls, and I was sooo excited to sell the giant leaf bowl. I think the lady was going to be thrilled who was receiving it. The snowmen weren't as popular as we thought they would be, so that was disappointing but a lady did call on Monday and bought one for her cousin for Christmas, so that made me feel better. I am happy it's over and I am very thankful for my friend Susan for sitting keeping me company all weekend and giving me moral support. Thanks Sue! Now, I can get down to some of the other things I have been wanting to get at. I have been following "Life in the Fun Lane" and Holly has thought up some very cute cake plates and well I went thrift store shopping today and bought a couple of bowls and a candle stick so I will see what I can come up with. Stayed tuned.

Trish and I ran on Sunday morning and we got up to 8.5km so we are getting back on track, my heel still is bugging me but I am being careful. Tomorrow we run the "dreaded hill". Looking forward to the coffee with friends afterwards!

So my list of projects is piling up, I will keep you posted with photos. Good night!