Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A time to remember.........

I suppose from here on in Remberance Day will bring on a whole new meaning for me. My son phoned tonight to tell me he will be in Montreal tomorrow for a ceremony and to do a march. I have mixed feelings on the whole army thing but mostly because of the role they are playing in Afghanistan. I know it will end at some point, I just can't really see the point. But for now I am thankful he is safe at home on friendly turf. My heart goes out to all the mothers, fathers,and families who have children and relatives over there right now.

I have come up with many new ideas to decorate the front of the house for the Christmas season. I purchased five more metal stars today and sprayed them red, I have an idea formulating, I think it will be very pretty. Having tomorrow off work will seem odd being a Wednesday but I will run with Trish in the morning at 7 and then get home so that I can go to the ceremony at the City Hall, then I will be going to the dentist in the afternoon. Hopefully I can get my wreath finished and the stars hung. I am off to watch one of my favourite shows. so good night and God Bless everyone..........Be Safe.

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  1. Yeah I found you. I love the blog. I actaully quite enjoy doing mine. Your son is very handsome. I will put him in my thoughts all day. Take Care