Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Been doing a little knitting........

This week has not been all that productive, the topiaries are sitting waiting to be completed and what have I been doing....knitting. I started this little sweater a month or so ago and lately in the evenings I've just been watching a few of my favourite TV shows. Totally mindless but sometimes you need to do those kinds of things to recharge your batteries. Probably due to the change in weather, after the horrific winds we had over the weekend, it decided to snow, that's not a bad thing, and the temperature has dropped and that's ok as I would rather run in the cooler weather, which Trish and I did this morning. The dreaded hill day. I think it was our 6th time so we have 4 more to go to achieve the required 10. At this point we don't dare miss a Wednesday or you have to start over.....I think not!

As I was saying, I have been knitting, and I have had some help. Steve has been hanging around quite a bit these days and talking up a storm. I think he realizes that winter has descended and he is not impressed. So he has decided to take up a few hobbies. Not sure how that's going to work but he is amusing to say the least.
I know the girls will get a kick out of him. We think he is a little odd but best not to tell him, he's very smart and I am quite sure he understands "everything" you say to him.

So I promise I will finish the topiaries soon. My son called this evening, he must of known I was thinking about him today.......anyways a big inspection tomorrow, and a critical one in the fact if they aren't up to Week 7 standards they have to start over .....I don't think that's a good I hope they fair well. He was also put back in charge as Senior leader quoting him "cause I do I good job" I guess that means he's good at telling people what to do! Can't imagine where he gets that from.

Well I am off to finish watching Bones....gotta love to you soon.
Good night!

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