Friday, November 27, 2009

This and that ...a busy week

Oh my what a busy week this has been. Today is my daughter's birthday. I am so very proud of her, Happy Birthday Honey! You are a beautiful woman! Steve says Hi!

I think I've almost finished my decorating for Christmas. I know I still have a few things left to do and the ideas keep swimming around in my head are out of control. It has been a very busy day and I have accomplished a lot.

I cannot believe how much it is snowing out right now! They said we were going to get snow, hopefully it doesn't last too long. But it just goes to show you, just when you think it's not winter yet, BAM! So I imagine tomorrow morning Trish and will be running on the beach. Good thing it's only a short run day. We ran thismorning and Denise came with us, I was so surprised and happy that she is coming out again. Just like old times. Many of us have been injured and are just surfacing again. Boy it's hard when you have to stop and then try to build back up.... oh the trials of a runner....

I got some of the house finished today, the banisters, the outside, my bedroom, just need to get the candy tree up. But where? That is the problem....Now if only I could get the red tinsel tree from Sears? I know they will break eventually. I just know it!

I'm certainly glad I had today as my discretionary day, it made things a whole lot easier. My friend lost her father last night, I know there is a sense of relief as he has not been well for a while but at the same time, when you lose a parent it is very hard. My heart goes out to her and her family. Take care of yourself Rene. Your friends are thinking of you.....

My husband comes home tomorrow night and he is going to be soooooo......surprised at the transformation this house has gone through! He didn't know I was making a mantle, or that I was going to do all the decorating. So I can't wait to see his face! Now I will have to start baking and wrapping. Yikes! I need to make a list. I'll need to get in as many running days in the next few weeks as possible, it helps with the stress! So I hope you like. Good night!

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