Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One down... Two to go...

Well one month today and it will all be over, Christmas I mean. So today I put up the first tree in the livingroom. With the mantle all done, I thought it was best to finish off the room with the tree. I am really happy with the mantle, I was in Winners the other day and I was talking to a friend of mine as she was doing up an end display, and when I said she was done she said you can always add more. So that's exactly what I did with the mantle, some might say there was too much but I like it! Very glitzy and so golden!

I am very tired tonight and my shoulders are aching, after moving all that furniture by myself....hokey doodle! Trish and and ran the hill this morning, what a nightmare, it was so icy coming through the university and across the parking lot. But as long as we kept moving we were fine. No mishaps. We saw a deer on the side of the road, poor thing, must have been hit by a car. So that makes number 7 only three more times and we're done. Then we can take a break. So I am off to bed, night all!

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