Saturday, November 14, 2009

I took this photo off the sundeck of my neighbors yard, I just love the way the tall grass shines and sways in the wind. I hope it lasts through most of the winter. I spent the majority of the day running between dollar stores and Michael's looking for supplies to make a topiary for my new mantle, and I finally came up with something but it sure would be nice to have the choices that they have in the US. We don't even have a Fabricland anymore, so that just leaves the variety of Dollar Stores, Walmart, and Michael's. But I think it will be fine. I also went to the lumber supply store and talked to my favorite guys, who know more than anyone at Home Depot, I mean really don't you think they should be knowledgeable when they work in a department. I can't wait to get started on my new's going to be fabulous!

It's terribly windy tonight, I hope the power doesn't go our, I will have to sleep with one eye open so I don't sleep in. Like that ever happens with Steve around! We are running in the morning but I'll have to take it easy after yesterday, it felt good at the time but sure paid later. Today it was fine but I guess I better not be trying to win any races anytime soon.

I hope the wind settles down by morning it won't be fun otherwise.....Denise might come out, I haven't seen her in a very long time. It'll be nice to see her,catch up and have coffee. Have a good night!

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