Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF!!! Yea!

Well not that it matters much to day seems the same as the next, but this Friday is two days away from Sunday and the April Fools Run! Well it looks like Environment Canada is calling for a typical rainy WestCoast day! Oh yea! Nothing like running in the rain in sopping wet shoes for 21km! But to tell you the truth....... it is better than the sun burning up the pavement. So it will be what it will be. Que Sera! Sera! Bet you don't remember that song, do you! I used to love watching Doris Day! OMG! I am showing my age! Stop it! I tell you!

So what plans do you have for this weekend......?????? Not much in the way of outside chores will get painting that is a the moment I have pieces of driftwood scattered around the house on the electric heaters drying out so that I can start some projects....and .I need to get some landscape fabric so the weeds won't take over once again. Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Too many things...........ADHD!!!!!!

One daughter is back home on Canadian soil and back at work this morning.....she is probably still feeling the effects of jet lag. The other will arrive next week. Must get those Easter baskets on the happy they will be home soon.:)))))))

So besides psyching myself up for the run on Sunday, there will be some dreaming, scheming, and plotting of Spring projects, the ideas are endless I tell ya! Here's a few that are crawling around.....

What a eclectic idea! Love it!

Want a deck full of flowers......!!!

A cozy sitting place

Too cute for words..... I think I can .....I think I can.........

 I need to find my nail gun.........
but cute isn't it? Oh the possibilities!!!!

These are running around in my head and I have a couple that may emerge
over the weekend!!!

Can't wait for hanging baskets of these beauties

This Potters bench is made from recycled plastic
but its simple enough that I can do this with wood

How clever are these!

Raised beds for a few veggies, this is the Hubs
department.......just like these ones please!
So as you can see my anxiety is running a little high these time to get this booty moving....I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and the weather is conducive to the projects you have planned. Myself........ I am just going to go with the flow and hope for the best. Have a great weekend! And wish me wings for Sunday! And dry feet would be fan-tab-u-luss!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oops! Made a boo-boo!

So I thought I was posting number 300 the other day and well.......apparently not! Guess I was seeing things, so now I will be madly thinking of this to write about......and trying to catch up!
So today as I was puttering around doing some house cleaning I thought I would show you some of the sea glass that has gotten me so excited about beach combing around here. I've only been collecting it for a few months and it is very addicting but I love just wondering down the beach and as the Hubs can attest to this, he pretty much has to drag me away....especially if it is a nice sunny day.

Have you experienced the thrill of finding a deliciously-frosty and perfectly-tumbled piece of sea or beach glass? Although most are not colored, each piece is an exciting find in itself. But when I find a colored piece I get very excited!

Although many folks have collected sea glass, also known as beach glass, for a lot of years, this pastime has really grown in popularity lately.

If you are hearing about it for the first time, here is a definition that should clarify what it is and how to recognize it.

Glass Becomes Sea Glass or Beach Glass when:

1- A piece of glass has been tumbled by natural wave action to the point where there are no sharply-defined edges or corners, and

2-The natural action of elements in the water along with sunlight and tumbling action have produced a unique frosted or etched surfacecovering all sides of the glass.

If these two factors are not present, it is just a glass shard, no matter where it is found.

*The term "Beach Glass" is more general and includes naturally-tumbled glass that is found on freshwater beaches as well as ocean beaches.

A palm leaf bowl from the Dominican holds these jars of sea glass

I've been using glass jars from candles to display the different
colors of glass, this one is the white and amethyst and a few pale blue or green

This is my green glass collection
Usually, if someone is walking along a beach and sees me bending over, hands on knees, scrutinizing the sand and pebbles, they slow right down, and kind of try to see what I'm looking for. Then, if they aren't too inhibited they'll ask, "What ARE you looking for?"

So, I'll say, "Sea glass," and see how they respond. Some will ask right off, "What IS sea glass?" Some already know what it is.

On the other hand, some are hesitant to let on that they don't know what sea glass is, so then I'll usually ask them if they know what sea glass is.

If they don't know what sea glass is, I'll say something like:

"You know, when you're walking along the beach and you find little pieces of glass of different colors.

Those are from busted up bottles and glassware that have been in the salt water for a long time and because of the currents and the sun and the waves and the sand, they turn out really frosty."

Then there are some people that just sort of nod their heads and think, "mmmmmmm, she's a strange one!" but that's okay, different strokes, for different folks.....Sue and I get it. So if no one else understands our passion, that's all right, more for us to scour the beaches for!

Well, must do some baking, and get supper semi-ready, and hopefully it isn't pouring cats and dogs at 5:30 so we can go out for a run, count down 4 days till the Fool's Run! Yikes!!! Protein! Carb load! Water! Stretching! Mind prep! Awwwww! It's all good, it's only 21km for crikey sake!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Whoo Hoo Number 300!

Who would have thought I would be able to write 300 posts! Not me! But I guess I can always find something to talk about.....I could probably find more to do than to write abou,t so it has been a learning curve to do and to write....I always wanted to write children's books, and at one time when my son was quite small I had an idea for a little series but just never got around to completing it. But who knows with all my spare time I may get around to it this summer, as I laze away the days on my patio!

But in the meantime, I am content thinking and plotting, I do have the titles, its just the in-between that needs a little attention.

Soooo......I finished my random rag quilt..... it did cause me much anxiety, a few heart palpitations, and quite the strain on my brain. Being random and spontaneous is something I must work on in my old age....okay just quit laughing! I can so do this! But first I will have to make a plan.............

I meant to take one of the back of the quilt but someone was rushing me out the door, and I didn't get back to it and then it was dark, but the back is a pale yellow and blue, does not match, and is totally off any grid. The colors are very pretty and it is very cozy to be wrapped up in. Hubs can attest to that. Its already had a couch run.....well I am off to the Big City tomorrow to visit with Auntie Ev and take her some butter tarts and cookies. I want to get to Fabricland and hopefully find the fabric to make Jane and Kait quilts at some point before Christmas. I wonder if I should make the son one also???? Will have to ask him..........and........Yes I am planning far in advance, because I would like to make them a tad bigger than lap quilts.....and that's how I good night and sleep tight!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pitter.... Patter......lets get at her!!!!

Busy day, into the City for our run around Stanley Park. Gorgeous, sunny, spring day! The Harry Spring Run-Off Run for Prostrate Cancer, had over 1200 participants. Sue and I had a great run both of us crossing the finish line at 43:23, it is a great run but having a hill at the finish line was a little nasty. The view...... when we could take it in, was breath-taking! The mountains off in the distance, running alongside the ocean, Lions Gate Bridge looming over our heads, Canada geese, swans, ducks in the lagoon, lots of people and many doing their own thing on a glorious day!

We were happy with our time. Souvenir hats and t-shirts, no bling :((((  I like medals! Its our tapering week now but I think it would be good to run the first half of the race so we know what we can expect, anyways that's tomorrow and then take it easy for the rest of the week. But here are the photos for today, sorry non we taken on the run, who would have had time, when we were going soooo fast.

Sue and I at the finish

Live music
Sue and Byron, her partner in crime

This is Pam, who did amazing.

Harry Rosen's brother Larry doing the honors

This tree was just a mass of pussy willows
Canadian Goose perched way up high
 "A Bird"s Eye View"
The Inner Harbour
Well the allergies are acting up from all that great pollen in the air, and with little to no sleep last night, it is time to hit the sack. Wish me luck that sleep comes easy tonight..........I hope you had a great weekend. Because you know what tomorrow is..........................Moaaannnnnnnday!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is what I was up to today.......

Well how did you spend you're Saturday? Mine was pretty spectacular, have a peak!

Hubs walking along Soames Beach

Hubs bringing me seaglass and shells

Just another spectacular view of the Coastal Mountains

Spring Beauty

Cute little house boat

BC Ferry heading to Vancouver


Gorgeous snow capped mountains

Blooming crocuses
The Planted House boats

Miniature Daffodils

BIG fishing boat
So that was my day, sauntering around the beach,  around the marina, a light lunch at Gramma's Pub with the Hubs,  a quick stop at the library to grab a few books for the weekend, and then it was over to Sue's for a mini bootcamp.....tomorrow we are off to the city for the Harry's Spring Run-Off race around Stanley Park, I wonder how I can run and take pictures.......I'm sure I will think of something..........all my girl chicks are due home in a few will be good to have them on home soil. The son is off but won't be travelling home as he is only off for a few weeks before he heads out on yet again, another training session.....can't say he isn't being trained.

 I've finished up my second rag quilt, it's in the dryer as I speak, it's going to be VERY PRETTY! If I do say so myself! And believe it or not "no" specific pattern and I have to admit this random-ness does not suit me......random....I am not! I tried......... but it really hurt my head trying to work off the grid.....oh dear me......I am one of a kind.....So as this day comes to a close....a bid you adieu and and I shall return with some Easter tablescapes and my new quilt. Good night! Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

Yes it is true! Spring has Sprung on the Sunshine Coast! Today was a beautiful sunny day, and the Hubs and I made a full day of it. The lawn was mowed, the new patio furniture was assembled, decorations were painted. My back is crippled but it was a great day! Full on till dinner time. Whoops! Did I say dinner? Sorry cook was too busy, will have to order in! Bring on the wine and the muscle relaxants! No running for me tonight! Not a chance! It was the couch and chillaxingy!

I have been busy all week, well......I mean it's only Wednesday but it feels like Friday! On Monday. Sue and I decided that we needed to take a rest because on the Sunday that "WE" weren't going to do too long of a run, turned into a 15.5km run in a decent 1:45, so we went to the gym on Monday and did some core work........okay we thought we were in shape!!!!.......We have muscles we haven't used in a very long time....we are runners not Ab Busters! Hokey Doodle! There was some serious hurtin' happening! But it's all good, we now realize we are going to the gym twice a week and doing some strength training.....So today after bending and handy-manning, I was not going to try running. The running group is going to the city on Sunday to do a 8km run, and then on April 1st, Sue and I are signed up to do the half for the "Fools Run".....who are the fools? We are da fools! Some serious resting, hydrating and carb loading is going to happen next week. Anyways....back to Spring and all its glory! This was the thermometer reading this afternoon......hee,heee,heee!!!!!!!! How sweet is this?????

Honestly! Would I lie to you!

The Hubs doing the lawn! This mower is a beast! I will not be trying to
use it! Do I look like an Amazon?

Beautiful Daffodils

Our new patio chairs, perfect for a morning coffee

Iron Kitty, checking out the flower beds

This bird bath, used to be purple but I've come to my senses
and now it is Heirloom White
So its back to work for the Hubs tomorrow and I would like to fill up my planters with soil tomorrow if the weather is agreeable, no planting yet, but lots of planning. I touched up my planters with some fresh paint and repainted my sunburst and tin art it was a good day and a lot was accomplished. It is amazing how energized you get when the sunshine shows its rays. Time to finish up my tea and make the workings of a lunch for morning. Sleep well!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Irish blessing to you

As the day comes to a close, I have found that there are not enough hours in the day to finish the things I start. But before the day is over, Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! There's a little bit of Irish in all of us, at least there is in our family. I made sure that I had my pint of Guinness before the sun set, so I shall be ready to run tomorrow. My blood will be fortified and full of energy! It's been a full week between running, sewing, baking and keeping up with everyday chores......

I'm quite excited to start working out in the yard and making our back deck into an oasis to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine. I found two really nice lounge chairs with cushions, just what I had been looking for and on sale ta boot! Then today I picked up a wrought iron fire pit to warm up the evening air and roast marshmallows or hot dogs on! Hubs is going love that! Shhhhh....don't tell..... it's hidden in the garage! I was perusing the blogs this morning looking for inspiration and stumbled upon a deck that is similar in size to ours and loved how it was put together, and all the little knickknacks and doodads, well you know me ......started plotting, the decor and what needs to be planted and painted! Yup bought a couple of handy dandy spray paint cans at the local CT and we're in business!

I've worn out the blade on my rotary cutter because of all the squares of fabric I cut out today, holy guacamole! Yes sireeee...... wait till you see this random piece of art! All my scraps of fat quarters that I didn't really have any plans for........oh the possibilities! Make sure you buy extra blades for your rotary cutter Pam, you're going to need them! Well time for this lass to get her jammies on and drink her tea. Sue and I have another longish run planned for tomorrow, she's going to kill me that girl! But 2 hours is the goal for the half on April Fool's Day! I may have to trail in behind her and let her bee line it to the finish line.....I'm not as young as I was you know!

Happy Daffy's

Purdy Purple, Yellow, and White Crocuses
 Yup! You gotta love the the first signs of Spring. Night all! Have wonderful sleep.......

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Wonderful Wednesday to YOU!

Happy mid-week everyone! The days are zinging by..... don't you think? I guess that's good, because it means I've been busy and productive! Remember the rag quilt? I finished it! Lots of things suffered in the process but like Lisa said...... once you get started you just want to finish it! It's so darn cute! I foresee many more in my future. And lucky me there's a few babies coming soon and I just know my big babies are going to love one of these! They are messy to make but if you can handle it for a few days, nothing a vacuum won't cure!

And this is cleaned up!

The "before" ragging

The "after" ragging
I just love these! Just what I needed a "new" thing! Thanks Pam for suggesting it! And thank you Lisa for your tips. Maybe my next one, I will get a little braver and mix up the pattern. I have an idea for my baby girl one already!

Sue and I did a REALLY long run yesterday! We were so proud! We ARE Rockstars! We ran through rain, sleet, hail, snow, and finished in the sunshine.  Soaked to the bone! That 's the westcoast weather for you! We left home in hopes of doing around 15km and ended up doing 17.5km because the coffee shop at the end of our 15km mark only took cash......since when does a runner have cash???? So we had to run back to another coffee cafe and then wait for the Hubs to come pick us up. Seriously? Did you think we were going to run back home! I think not! I love the runnning out, not the running back.......I only want to see something once ......not a repeat performance!

This was Monday morning,
a wild storm hit the Coast with winds up to 85 kmh
Another storm is expected today so I am going to take my camera to the beach today and see what blows up! So what's on your agenda for today? Me thinks I shall have a massage, a birthday lunch with Mama, and finish the Egg Topiary, the stuffed carrots......and make some ginger snaps! Jeez, I better get a motor going!    Have a great day!