Saturday, March 24, 2012

This is what I was up to today.......

Well how did you spend you're Saturday? Mine was pretty spectacular, have a peak!

Hubs walking along Soames Beach

Hubs bringing me seaglass and shells

Just another spectacular view of the Coastal Mountains

Spring Beauty

Cute little house boat

BC Ferry heading to Vancouver


Gorgeous snow capped mountains

Blooming crocuses
The Planted House boats

Miniature Daffodils

BIG fishing boat
So that was my day, sauntering around the beach,  around the marina, a light lunch at Gramma's Pub with the Hubs,  a quick stop at the library to grab a few books for the weekend, and then it was over to Sue's for a mini bootcamp.....tomorrow we are off to the city for the Harry's Spring Run-Off race around Stanley Park, I wonder how I can run and take pictures.......I'm sure I will think of something..........all my girl chicks are due home in a few will be good to have them on home soil. The son is off but won't be travelling home as he is only off for a few weeks before he heads out on yet again, another training session.....can't say he isn't being trained.

 I've finished up my second rag quilt, it's in the dryer as I speak, it's going to be VERY PRETTY! If I do say so myself! And believe it or not "no" specific pattern and I have to admit this random-ness does not suit me......random....I am not! I tried......... but it really hurt my head trying to work off the grid.....oh dear me......I am one of a kind.....So as this day comes to a close....a bid you adieu and and I shall return with some Easter tablescapes and my new quilt. Good night! Have a wonderful weekend!

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