Monday, March 26, 2012

Whoo Hoo Number 300!

Who would have thought I would be able to write 300 posts! Not me! But I guess I can always find something to talk about.....I could probably find more to do than to write abou,t so it has been a learning curve to do and to write....I always wanted to write children's books, and at one time when my son was quite small I had an idea for a little series but just never got around to completing it. But who knows with all my spare time I may get around to it this summer, as I laze away the days on my patio!

But in the meantime, I am content thinking and plotting, I do have the titles, its just the in-between that needs a little attention.

Soooo......I finished my random rag quilt..... it did cause me much anxiety, a few heart palpitations, and quite the strain on my brain. Being random and spontaneous is something I must work on in my old age....okay just quit laughing! I can so do this! But first I will have to make a plan.............

I meant to take one of the back of the quilt but someone was rushing me out the door, and I didn't get back to it and then it was dark, but the back is a pale yellow and blue, does not match, and is totally off any grid. The colors are very pretty and it is very cozy to be wrapped up in. Hubs can attest to that. Its already had a couch run.....well I am off to the Big City tomorrow to visit with Auntie Ev and take her some butter tarts and cookies. I want to get to Fabricland and hopefully find the fabric to make Jane and Kait quilts at some point before Christmas. I wonder if I should make the son one also???? Will have to ask him..........and........Yes I am planning far in advance, because I would like to make them a tad bigger than lap quilts.....and that's how I good night and sleep tight!

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