Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Wonderful Wednesday to YOU!

Happy mid-week everyone! The days are zinging by..... don't you think? I guess that's good, because it means I've been busy and productive! Remember the rag quilt? I finished it! Lots of things suffered in the process but like Lisa said...... once you get started you just want to finish it! It's so darn cute! I foresee many more in my future. And lucky me there's a few babies coming soon and I just know my big babies are going to love one of these! They are messy to make but if you can handle it for a few days, nothing a vacuum won't cure!

And this is cleaned up!

The "before" ragging

The "after" ragging
I just love these! Just what I needed a "new" thing! Thanks Pam for suggesting it! And thank you Lisa for your tips. Maybe my next one, I will get a little braver and mix up the pattern. I have an idea for my baby girl one already!

Sue and I did a REALLY long run yesterday! We were so proud! We ARE Rockstars! We ran through rain, sleet, hail, snow, and finished in the sunshine.  Soaked to the bone! That 's the westcoast weather for you! We left home in hopes of doing around 15km and ended up doing 17.5km because the coffee shop at the end of our 15km mark only took cash......since when does a runner have cash???? So we had to run back to another coffee cafe and then wait for the Hubs to come pick us up. Seriously? Did you think we were going to run back home! I think not! I love the runnning out, not the running back.......I only want to see something once ......not a repeat performance!

This was Monday morning,
a wild storm hit the Coast with winds up to 85 kmh
Another storm is expected today so I am going to take my camera to the beach today and see what blows up! So what's on your agenda for today? Me thinks I shall have a massage, a birthday lunch with Mama, and finish the Egg Topiary, the stuffed carrots......and make some ginger snaps! Jeez, I better get a motor going!    Have a great day!

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