Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Back on our schedule...........

Good Morning! Well the Hubs has gone back to work today so it's time to get back on a schedule. Problem being, where to start? YIKES! By the looks of the house, I think a cleaning is in order. You know how it is when they are under foot. You just don't clean like you usually do when they aren't home. So first things on the agenda.....laundry, vacuuming, some baking, a lotta sewing! We went to the city yesterday and did a little damage.........hadn't really planned on a few things but they were inevitable at some point so now it's done......although we ran out of time and I didn't get to Home Depot so that will be another day, and my 5 minute sprint through Michael's doesn't NOT even count! I was told I had 5 minutes so that we could make the ferry home and so needless to say I didn't get to check out all the goodies that my little eyes spied! But I did get the flower punch so that I could make the "flower eggs". Do you have any idea how hard it is to go into Michael's and only buy one thing......?????? Remember those shows where you had 15 minutes to spend say $1500, well a slight moment of panic hits and you don't know what to grab first! Anyway, I did get what I wanted and I did get the fabric at Fabricland but that store is sooooooo messy that I just know I will be going to the quilt shop to find a few more options....I hate messy stores. Must be my OCD. Totally turns me off when things are scattered around and not neatly set up!!!!! Drives me bonkers I tell you!!! So ..........................I did get new runners as my other ones were starting to hurt my feet, I am pretty sure I've put more miles on these shoes than I usually do, and more pavement running breaks them down faster.

Pretty aren't they! I love new shoes! I'd love them more if once in a while I would get them on SALE!!!! But I am sure it is a marketing scheme to make people pay full price for something they have to have!!! NOT FAIR! So................the Hubs got a pair on "hiking" boots so that he doesn't tear his mesh runners on the rocks, these boots will be much better.

Now to get started on making a quilted ereader for my Amiga Cindy.......and the rag quilt for baby Grady.

Mine will be made of
 Pretty pink florals and Burgundies

Love these! They are soooo pretty!

Not the fabrics I purchased but you get the idea,
can't wait to get started!

Well what's on your agenda for the day? I know I am going to be going full tilt today! I hope you have a wonderful day, the sun is shining here! Yea!!!!!! Later my friends.....enjoy your day!

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