Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pitter.... Patter......lets get at her!!!!

Busy day, into the City for our run around Stanley Park. Gorgeous, sunny, spring day! The Harry Spring Run-Off Run for Prostrate Cancer, had over 1200 participants. Sue and I had a great run both of us crossing the finish line at 43:23, it is a great run but having a hill at the finish line was a little nasty. The view...... when we could take it in, was breath-taking! The mountains off in the distance, running alongside the ocean, Lions Gate Bridge looming over our heads, Canada geese, swans, ducks in the lagoon, lots of people and many doing their own thing on a glorious day!

We were happy with our time. Souvenir hats and t-shirts, no bling :((((  I like medals! Its our tapering week now but I think it would be good to run the first half of the race so we know what we can expect, anyways that's tomorrow and then take it easy for the rest of the week. But here are the photos for today, sorry non we taken on the run, who would have had time, when we were going soooo fast.

Sue and I at the finish

Live music
Sue and Byron, her partner in crime

This is Pam, who did amazing.

Harry Rosen's brother Larry doing the honors

This tree was just a mass of pussy willows
Canadian Goose perched way up high
 "A Bird"s Eye View"
The Inner Harbour
Well the allergies are acting up from all that great pollen in the air, and with little to no sleep last night, it is time to hit the sack. Wish me luck that sleep comes easy tonight..........I hope you had a great weekend. Because you know what tomorrow is..........................Moaaannnnnnnday!

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