Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Monday Morning!

It's a Winnie the Pooh Blustery Day today! The wind is gusting 70-100kmph and the power is out in many places around the lower mainland and island, a great day for flying your kite!

So how was your weekend? I've been crazy busy since last week..... when I decided to make Easter eggs, the baby rag quilt, flowered eggs, and whatever else came to mind! Cutting multitudes of 7 inch squares has me feeling a little cornered! I'm not too good at figuring out patterns, so I know that it is going to be a huge challenge for me but first I am sewing everything together today and then...... I will plan how its going to be put all together. Thanks to Lisa at Pickles and Cheese for her help yesterday! I think I've got it!

So over the weekend I turned yet another milestone, so to ward off any ill effects of turning another year older, Sue and I ran many miles and climbed many hills, and hurdled many puddles. But they were awesome runs and good workouts. Our gluteus maximus had a great workout! We have signed up for a run along the seawall in Vancouver, the Harry Rosen Spring Run-Off and we're still sitting on the fence as to the April Fools Run, but we will be doing it. One way or another!

I've got my supplies for a few new projects I want to work on this week, I love Spring and Easter themes and I love the colors sooooo........I hope to get these done this week. Finding the umbrella could be a wee bit of a problem.........thrift stores and TBS.

Spring Umbrella Wreath, lovvvvvve this!
So Pretty!

Love this idea cause I'm such
a tree girl

I did this in a slightly different way with a dome cake plate
pic to come
Well my power is a little shakey at the moment and so I best end this before I loose everything. So I hope your day is filled with wonderful ideas and creations! Time for another cup of coffee!

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