Saturday, April 30, 2011

Random thoughts and sightings

I think that I am so relaxed my brain has gone into fog mode. After awhile with no routine or schedule ones' brain tends to go the way of the tides I think. We've had many beach days, and shopping days.....the winds really come up in the afternoons so we have been going to the beaches in the morning and then coming home around 1:00 and just being lazy. Last night we went into Lahaina to watch the Warren and Annabelle Magic Show, if you come to Maui you have to go and see Warren's magic tricks......and maybe you will even see the Ghost of Annabelle. She is the fiancee' of a ships captain who was lost at sea back in the 1700's and occasionally if you are lucky you might see her. Anyway, the show was fantastic and you will laugh and be amazed until your face hurts! Mine did anyway......Nothing like a good laugh to release some happy endorphins! So here are just some random photos to make you laugh and think "ahhhhh....."

Warren Gibson the Magician in Lahaina

Hubs and I at the Iao Needle in the Iao Valley

Surfers waiting for the waves to come in
I said that if I was 30 years younger.... I would be trying would be "way cool"! But unfortunately it's out of my league at this point, but they sure are exciting to watch.

Wind Surfers

Sax Player in the Mall

Momma Hen and her babies, these chickens wonder all over the place

The Aging Beach Boys
I doubt they were the "real" Beach Boys cause nobody looked familiar but they sure could sing! And the saxophone guy was amazing! So that's pretty much my rambling today....our aunt and cousin are arriving today, it is Gig's birthday so we may have to have a few cocktails to celebrate. So for now my friends it's time for a little tanning of the backside and  my book till the Canucks start.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Just Beachy!!!

Well it's not hard to find a good beach around here! They are all good beaches. Not crowded at all and plenty of places to spread out and enjoy the sun and the surf. We went to Makena Beach on Saturday and today we went to one called Kewakapao or something like that. Makena was really nice except the twit that keyed our car. I am sure that is going to be a wonderful bill. And for no reason whatsoever, just because vandalism is a high priority for some idiots.......but I won't carry-on with that tirade........I am not impressed. But I do love the beaches and playing in the surf. I think I have the entry down pat now and haven't been sent smashing into the sand again. We have been using boogey boards and they are a blast. The hubs even tried them today.The tans are coming along, starting to look like a Hawaiian girl but a bleached out blonde one! John was out snorkeling today at Kewakapao and rubbed up against a sea urchin and had to go have some minor surgery to get the needles out. A few stitches, antibiotics and no water for him for a few days.....crappy......So tomorrow we are going to hike up to the Iao Valley and have a look at the lush greenery and hopefully find a waterfall or two.

So far so good. Today was a good day for sun and no burning......picked up a few souvenirs, some pineapple vodka.......try that tasty treat with tonic......and to top it off the Canucks are moving into the second round......only by the grace of God I might add.......I really think for 12 million dollars they could find a goalie who will not let in a short-handed goal with a 1:56 left in the third period. But Alex Burrows is the star of the night.....and on we go to play Nashville next.......Aloha and sweet dreams..............

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

The last few days we have taken trips to Lahaina and up country to Alii Kula Lavender Farm. After spending the day at Charley Young Beach, some of us were a litte too burnt to have another beach day so we took a drive up to Lahaina. My goodness but it has grown. Far too busy for my liking, but it was interesting to look around some of the shops and the old buildings and go out to the wharf, where the ferries take you to Lanai and Molokai. It was scorching hot that day also, so the top of the car was up as my shoulders were starting to feel the burn. I went for a run on Friday and went down to Kama'ole Beach 3 which is 6km from our place and back. So it was an easy 12 Km run. I love running at sea level! Yesterday we took a drive up country to Alii Kula Lavender Farm. They grow so many kinds of lavender, French, English, Spanish, it is just gorgeous and the heady smell of lavender in the air is heavenly. I took about 80 photos but I think that would be a bit much to try and upload so some of them are on my Facebook page if your interested. But I will show you some of the nicest ones.

One of the many Buddha statues throughout the gardens
Para Gliding down into the fields

The owner Alii ( who recently passed away)
View from one of the decks

King Protea growing out of a ceramic pot

There were so many plants and cactus that I' ve never heard of growing through out the gardens. The amazing part, it is quite high up the mountain, and the temperature was only around 70F' which compared to the bottom where it was 88'F,  I was amazed at how well everything grows and they do not water. They only rely on the rainfall and it's not very much. So many of the plants are drought tolerant. Today we are going to go to Makena Beach for a few hours, and try to find Polo Beach. But we need to come back by early afternoon to watch the Canucks. They better find a way to pull a win out of their skates or the Stanley Cup contenders could be golfing sooner than you can say Aloha! Ciao for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aloha from Maui

I started to do an update this morning on our arrival in paradise but either it was me or it was blogger......I could not post photos so I put a few up on Facebook and that worked. So here goes another try. We arrived in Maui yesterday afternoon, beautiful sunny and smoking hot! Quite a change from -6C, 8 hours earlier! We went to Charley Young Beach this morning our first day in Kihei, beautiful to say the least. Our condo is situated right on the beach and it has a wonderful view and beautiful sunsets.We took a walk this morning up the beach,  then back down the other way. It was a few hours and by the time we returned to our condo I am sure it was 80'F, enough to get a burn on the forehead. So here are just a few of the views of the day.

Well that worked.... I was having my doubts. We had a great day on the beach playing in the ocean and getting thrown around by the surf. A couple of really wicked waves picked us up and tossed us upside down and all around. Totally freaky if you don't know how to swim. So I figured I would just stay on the outside of the surf. Loosing the bikini top at one point! Good thing it was tied around my neck! The Hubs had a good wave knock him upside and down the other. That was enough for him. Back to the chairs and  watch from afar! Well.... the sun and fresh air have done me in for the day. Tomorrow we are off to find Makena Beach. I hear the waves are fierce! One piece bathing suit for that  ride! Mahalo and chat with you later......

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phew! I made it.....

Well between running, crocheting, packing, cleaning and baking, I think I am finally ready to blow this "pop stand" and get on a jet out of here. I am really hoping that it will be quite hot, I plan on doing a lot of nothing, well maybe not so much nothing but relaxing......I've got my Kobo loaded up with books and a few projects to crochet, ya I know geek! But I hate to be idle. I've looked up running courses in Maui and I think I will enjoy some of the scenery. We'll see how I do in the heat. So I put together a scrap neckwarmer, it is very cute. Took all of an hour, huge 19mm hook and about 10 scrap balls of yarn, in all different weights. Yes, it is darling. I will post a photo later, when I get the button on it. I started a free form scarf with the Noro silk garden yarn, it is soooooo very pretty. I'll take that on the plane to work on too, as well as some flowers. And try to get ahead of the game.  So I may be a little hit and miss and MIA the next few weeks but I shall return.

Riding the big ones!

So that will be me! LOL!!!!! Not in this lifetime baby! I would probably comeback in a body cast or worse body bag! Nope! Not this chicky! My feet will be well planted on a sandy beach. Talk to you soon. Aloha!

Saturday, April 16, 2011'd think.....

Well I sometimes wonder if I'm not suffering from a writer's block or something. I have been busy all week but whenever I thought "Oh, I should do my blog", I came up blank. Duh! I've been trying to use up an assortment of yarn I had before I bought anymore.....believe me not an easy task. There are sooo many beautiful yarns out there. Especially when I keep coming up with new projects before I finish the one I'm working on. I need to focus! Trish is home and we are back to our routine at least for a week before I leave her for two. I've been getting in a lot of runs these past few days and the next few days, I want to get a run in a day so if I miss a few days no biggy! So forgive me if I don't have much to contribute but I promise to catch up and undo this block. But in the meantime I will make a list of the projects and tally up what I have been focusing on.................

This is what I will be doing sitting on a beach for the next few weeks.........and possibly taking in a few runs along the way.  But before I leave I shall post a few of the crochet projects. Off to do some shopping. Have a great day!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A very productive weekend!

Oh my, when I put my mind to it...... I can do wonders and miracles in a few days. It did help that I was on my own for the weekend as the Hubs was away for a few days. Sorry honey but for some reason I just accomplish a lot more when my days are my own. But don't worry I won't trade you in! So on Friday at lunch, my friend Debbie, who is an awesome knitter and crocheter had to walk me through a pattern that I could not figure out for the life of me. Thanks Deb! It wasn't totally my fault, even if I am almost clueless when it comes to reading patterns, but she managed to read between the lines and get a handle on what they were implying. So we made a few at lunch and the minute I got home from work..... I made another one before I forgot how. I have made five and I am sure I have it. I finished my ruffle scarf made from the Noro Yarn and I have to admit it looks pretty darn fabulous! A lot of work but I think it is worth it.

Noro (Silk Garden Sock Yarn)  Tropical Ruffled Scarf
 The photo doesn't do the colors justice but believe me, it is very pretty. Then a few of the colorful posies that will adorn some of the hats. I think I'll put a brooch pin on the back of them so they can come off and on if need be.

Pretty pink posie
Blue and Yellow Posie
Pinks and burgundy posie
So that and another crocheted Kobo carrying case (with I-cord strap) my days were creative. The mornings were spent running with Annie on Saturday, and Sunday, with Susan and Annie and another 10km. I know two days in a row but it's all good. It felt quite cool this morning, I think yesterday was warmer or maybe there wasn't any wind. I don't know but it just was nicer Saturday. So my house is clean and the little chores are all caught up and well I guess its back to work Monday........ahhhhhhhh.......I love the weekends......I hope yours was as successful and productive. Have a good evening....

Friday, April 8, 2011

I'm a little behind at the moment............

Things have been going far too fast lately. A week has past and I don't know where it went. I did chop all my hair off and I am really liking the ease of it. Changed the color it's all good. It's a wee bit cool so I have been wearing a hat for those morning runs. The ears aren't used to being naked! I've been running a few days this week with Susan. She is back on the road again! Tomorrow and Sunday, I will going out with Annie. I don't usually like to do two days in a row but it was fine last weekend and I have had a few days off and all is well. Trish will be back on Monday and with luck we will get back into our routine.

I've been crocheting up a storm this week and have finished off quite a few pieces. When I was in Kamloops I picked up a couple of balls of Noro yarn and made a ruffled scarf. (photo will follow in a day or so) Of course, I was about a foot from the end when I ran out of yarn but fortunately when I went to the Top Drawer Yarn Shop on 3rd Ave., we were able to find some Noro yarn with a few of the same colors in it. It's really pretty, and I love that yarn so I have a couple of other colors that I am going to make scarves with. Can you tell I am into scarves these days. I bought a new one the other day, pink and white rose buds. Very Spring looking! You need all the help you can get in this country!

I'm going to start working on some cowls this weekend with chunky yarn. And I want to make some fimo buttons to embellish them with. I have the weekend to myself as the Hubs is away so I can craft and run to my hearts delight......more than I usually do that is! My little girl from next door was over this week so I had her modelling a few hats much to her chagrin!

New scarf and new doo!

She's such a cutie! Not much of a girly-girl, but I keep trying to swing her over to my side. Ava does love her pink and purple , so there is hope! Not having much luck in that department though! Anyway that's it for now. Have a great afternoon!