Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Phew! I made it.....

Well between running, crocheting, packing, cleaning and baking, I think I am finally ready to blow this "pop stand" and get on a jet out of here. I am really hoping that it will be quite hot, I plan on doing a lot of nothing, well maybe not so much nothing but relaxing......I've got my Kobo loaded up with books and a few projects to crochet, ya I know geek! But I hate to be idle. I've looked up running courses in Maui and I think I will enjoy some of the scenery. We'll see how I do in the heat. So I put together a scrap neckwarmer, it is very cute. Took all of an hour, huge 19mm hook and about 10 scrap balls of yarn, in all different weights. Yes, it is darling. I will post a photo later, when I get the button on it. I started a free form scarf with the Noro silk garden yarn, it is soooooo very pretty. I'll take that on the plane to work on too, as well as some flowers. And try to get ahead of the game.  So I may be a little hit and miss and MIA the next few weeks but I shall return.

Riding the big ones!

So that will be me! LOL!!!!! Not in this lifetime baby! I would probably comeback in a body cast or worse body bag! Nope! Not this chicky! My feet will be well planted on a sandy beach. Talk to you soon. Aloha!

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