Thursday, April 21, 2011

Aloha from Maui

I started to do an update this morning on our arrival in paradise but either it was me or it was blogger......I could not post photos so I put a few up on Facebook and that worked. So here goes another try. We arrived in Maui yesterday afternoon, beautiful sunny and smoking hot! Quite a change from -6C, 8 hours earlier! We went to Charley Young Beach this morning our first day in Kihei, beautiful to say the least. Our condo is situated right on the beach and it has a wonderful view and beautiful sunsets.We took a walk this morning up the beach,  then back down the other way. It was a few hours and by the time we returned to our condo I am sure it was 80'F, enough to get a burn on the forehead. So here are just a few of the views of the day.

Well that worked.... I was having my doubts. We had a great day on the beach playing in the ocean and getting thrown around by the surf. A couple of really wicked waves picked us up and tossed us upside down and all around. Totally freaky if you don't know how to swim. So I figured I would just stay on the outside of the surf. Loosing the bikini top at one point! Good thing it was tied around my neck! The Hubs had a good wave knock him upside and down the other. That was enough for him. Back to the chairs and  watch from afar! Well.... the sun and fresh air have done me in for the day. Tomorrow we are off to find Makena Beach. I hear the waves are fierce! One piece bathing suit for that  ride! Mahalo and chat with you later......

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