Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coastal Bound!

I hit the road on Monday morning about 7:45am and headed to the coast. I haven't driven that far, by myself in a very long time. But I have to admit I didn't mind it one bit. Well maybe in parts where I had a hard time picking up CBC radio I got a little irked. But overall I quite enjoyed the drive. There wasn't much traffic and the weather was bearable. I guess I was really ticked off about Quesnel when I tried to use my camera and it wouldn't work.....well at various times along the way I would give it a try and to no avail it would not take a picture. Well let me tell you it's lucky it didn't go over in the Canyon. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I really wanted to take photos of the trip down and blog about the old buildings and such along the way but whatever. It's done now. I have a new Cannon Powershot! Nice!

I got to Abbotsford around 4 o'clock and the first stop was the good old LCB because by now I was really done with stupid drivers. Do you really need to go 150km an hour? I think not! Anyways I knew there was a Running Room right off the freeway, so I popped into the shopping centre and low and behold a LCB store. Screeeech! Stop the truck! With renewed enthusiasm I went over to the Running Room and had a peek but I didn't see anything I "Had" to have. So I carried on to the grocery store and picked up dinner for Auntie Ev and I and on to her place. We sat and drank a few glasses of vino and had dinner and talked some more till 10:30 by then I was history, slept right through till 7 and then we did a few things and I took off for the Big City. And of course my first stop was........

You got it! IKEA! Start the car! They... of course, were having a huge sale so perfect timing or what! Don't worry honey...I didn't buy a bunch of junk. So I made a few purchases and then booted to the ferry because you just know what that nightmare can bring.

......Mom had said there was a 4:30 so I was there in good time 3:00 piece of cake had my book, water and chocolate, good to go. Well I don't think I got a chapter read and they announced boarding! We were heading out of the harbour. Forty minutes later we're docking in Gibsons. So from there it was a half hour drive up the Sunshine Coast to Sechelt. Arriving ahead of schedule for the next few days.....the saga will continue...have a great evening.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

This is quick....

Just a quick peak at the bench, that I worked so hard on to finish today. Boy did it soak up the stain. When I get back I will have to do a few minor touch ups but you'll get the idea. I am very happy with it. Not too sure where it's final resting place will be but for now it is on the hill surveying her kingdom.

Let me tell you this, you won't be packing this puppy around too much. As my hubby can attest too, it is very heavy! So you can imagine the response to moving it around to different parts of the yard. Wasn't happening! It was bad enough getting it up where it sits now! So that was my day other than a quick trip to pick up a few things, I am off to the coast for a few days. I shall return! Kait is on her way up tonight, with Tor. Jane is busy puttering around her new digs. And the son is getting ready for his last two weeks of battle school, then he is home for a few weeks. So talk soon, have a good evening.....

I'm on Holidays!

The school year is done....well it is for me! I am soooo finished for the year and so ready for the time off. I must be getting old as I am tired.....don't get me wrong I do like to work but sometimes, somedays, you just crave something different......just not sure what that could be at this point. Something to ponder for the summer months. Of course come September I may either be really bored.......or even more tired from all the projects that I have planned and the things I have thought I should tackle. Mmmmmmmm.... a dilema for sure. First things first, the week flew by as they always do, is that not a sign of age I don't know what is. Or it could simply be that I was busy all week and didn't notice that "duh" today is Sunday and a week has passed since my last blogging?

Okay I was busy. Allright! We only ran a couple of days, really in need of a break, when it starts to be a chore and not pleasant that means slow down take a that's what I am doing for 10 days....sorry Trish! Nick will have to keep up with you or you could simply take some time off...please?

The bench is almost finished, I need to get some stain today and finish it but I didn't have the color that I wanted so I will pick some up today. Did I mention how heavy that thing is? Hokey Doodle! It's going to be a stationary bench let me tell you!

So this is it, as of a few days ago. But yesterday, I did a couple of "new" things to it and I will post them later. I think it is really cute. Looks similar to a throne, don't you think? My thoughts exactly. A Princess needs a throne. In spite of what the "King" thinks....mmmmmmm....maybe we should have matching ones? Not a bad idea at all.... have a nice Sunday, looks like sun again today!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend, and then gone

"The Painted Shed" love her things!

Boy those days go by so fast! Maybe if it had been raining and I had stayed in the house and read but it was a beautiful weekend with temperatures in the high twenties.

Trish and I ran this morning at 6:30 and it was 9'C so any warmer than that and it would have been quite unpleasant. But we had a good run around 10km so we were good girls. I finished off a project, I think it is cute, kind of sits there, making a small statement. Got some MORE fertilizer for the lawn. Did I not say we were done with that.....obviously not!

Jane has arrived in Nelson and has been busy unpacking and sorting through her things. It is quite lovely and she needs to purge some of her old things. She is very happy so that's the main thing. Thank you to Dustin for helping her and driving the truck.

Well the father in this house had a relaxing day again.....all the kids phoned and checked in, Daniel was a little bagged out and the next few weeks are going to be tough but he is hoping for a month off before the next round. Guess I will have to start looking for a car or something....mmmmmmmm.......well I am verrrryyyyyy tired so I think I shall fold my teepee and head to bed. But here is a glimpse of my project for the day....good night all.

The Bench
Soon to be completed.............good night my friends.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

For the love of gardening......

Gardens are as unique as the people who tend them. I love my gardens. Most gardeners share a desire to create an outdoor space as an extension of their home. A place to work and relax. Well maybe relax once the work is all done, but is it ever done? I think not. Whether you decorate your garden with color or furniture to create outdoor dining and entertaining, we all want the space to be attractive.

I recently ventured into "The Painted Shed", I fell in love with the "things" Marie has created for the garden. I was suddenly inspired to race home,(not before I picked up a couple of things, of course)and search for my past creations and books that had long been forgotten. There was a time when we lived in Salmon Valley, that our yard was a constant palette of designs. Willow furniture, odd planters, and a variety of color. There was never a shortage of benches, or chairs made of willows.

Whatever your style, if you have taken the time to create a garden, you probably already know the enjoyment of finding the perfect garden ornament or two. I started a project that I made a decade ago and shall finish it tomorrow and give you a peek.

You've planned,
you've plowed,
you've planted,
Now for the decorative touches......

Friday, June 18, 2010


Well I have been meaning to get this done so finally I remembered to get the photos together, it's harder than you think when you don't remember to take you camera and end up relying on someone else to give you the pics.

So anyways this was the big day and after 5 years of college and university it is official, Kait has her Bachelor of Business Administration, her major was Human Resources and minor in Marketing, I think it should be the other way around but what do I know. Kait dealing with people, well let's just say we have a standing joke of her days of working at McDonald's, when one day she came home madder than a wet was all you could do to understand her, as when she is riled up, she speaks way to fast but the gist of the matter was..."they, they, should be YELLED at!" Needless to say I think she has learned some better tactics of dealing with staff in the work place. But I am sure she still has days when everyone should be "Yelled at!"

These are my three daughters, well two I gave birth too and one I just adopted.

And this would be three generations.

My mom is 84 and still going strong. She is very proud of her grandaughters. And her grandson. Whom incidently has had a few very busy weeks, so hopefully he gets to call home this weekend. Three more weeks on this intense training and then he gets a few weeks of leave. It will be nice to have him home for a bit.
It's looks like it is going to be a beautaiful weekend. The weather is very warm. Trish and I will have to run early on Sunday in order to beat the heat. I have a project in mind but I need to find the plans...wish me luck. It's a dandy!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hiatus or busy....

All right.... I realize this blogging business is harder than I thought. Or maybe I am busier than I think, whatever, it has been more than a week that has gone by and it was brought to my attention by my dear friend Pamela, that I must be sick or I was not sick, with my mom here last week time seemed to slip past faster than normal. Not because we were out and about very much. I was at work and mom was busy around here doing things that mom's do. I know one thing for sure my house is very clean!

I did get to spend a lot of time out in the yard since Mr. Greensleeves was away, someone had to be the "keeper of the greens". Did I mention how many times the lawn needs to be mowed! Three times a week, thanks to a fantastic lawn fertilizer that we won't be using again this year! Anyways that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

So to pass the time I have taken a few photos of my flower pots that Van Rhoodes made up back in the beginning of May. They are quite beautiful. I am very impressed again this year.

Trish and I have been running a bit lately and trying to do more but I have been feeling sluggish, and I think my diet needs adjusting. I have been cutting out the carbs and have realized that my legs are like lead. So I need to lose 10lbs. and change up the way I have been eating. This could be some work. But with summer break coming in 6 days I plan to be diligent and try to get back to my goals from 2 years ago. I'll be damned if I am going to let old age creep up on me! It's just not fair! I plan on fighting it tooth and nail. So in the meantime, I need to hit the pillow as it's been 17 hours since I got up and I need to be up again in 7 hours so buenos nochas amigas! and Amigos!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just this and that

Today was a good day....Trish and I ran this morning, and it felt very hard. Thankfully, later in the day I wasn't feeling any ill effects, I even wore high heels to work. Thursday, we are going to find a new route, we're tired of running North's good going downhill but uphill coming back, and it seems really warm and I felt like a puddle when I was done, and probably lost 3 pounds of water in sweat. The sun actually shone for a while today and then it would rain and then out would come the sun and dry everything up. I just know I am going to have to mow the lawn again on Thursday. If not tomorrow.....yes the grass is beautiful but it just grows way too much. Tomorrow I am going to see about my tooth, having a big gaping hole in my jaw is not pleasant. I hope that it's not going to be a big deal.
I took a couple of photos of my white iris's they are so beautiful.....I really need to move a few to the backyard, they don't spread like the purple bearded iris's and they don't seem to transplant successfully. The hanging baskets we picked up in Quesnel are quite pretty but I think I need different hangers as I don't like the cheap plastic hooks. I will have to go check out the shed. I'm sure there should be some metal ones in there. Mom has been busy cleaning my house, and it is so nice to have things done for you. I am truly blessed to have her here. Today she made raisin cookies, the ironing is all done and the floors and nooks and crannies are are all cleaned...

I couldn't resist taking this shot of Mom in the garden picking weeds. Don't you just love the matching crocs and sweater. I think they suit her. she's just so darn cute!

The pinks Cosmos are going to be pretty against the grey house, hopefully they grow tall. I think I will be in bed very soon and the sun hasn't even gone down yet. Wish me well tomorrow....night!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation Saga

I have been away to Kamloops for a very short trip but the lead up to it kept me soooo busy I had a hard time remembering what day of the week it was. You know I was on a refinishing blitz for Kait's chairs and table, so that pretty much took all my time and then the headboard. Well on Thursday night hubby and I loaded up the truck....OMG! Did I mention it's a pretty truck and if you want to haul anything.....well lets just say it doesn't hold a lot. So after many words and much ado' we managed to get the headboard, coffee table, 4 tires(Jane's) two boxes, a tent a backpack, and in the cab three of the four chairs. Let me repeat OMG! It was a good thing nothing had to come back with us and we left it all there. So Friday we took off at 5:30 am for the Loops, and a few stops along the way for the facilities and coffee, and we were at the kids place at 11:30. Unloaded and to the hotel by 12:15pm and changed for the Grad ceremony and downtown to the TRU by 1 ish. At the hotel, we picked up my mom and Jane and proceeded to find parking. Again OMG. Then to top it off, the ceremony was outside, that wouldn't have been too bad if Kamloops was having their typical desert weather but "Noooo" it was on the verge of thunder storms and rain.

But the sun came out for about an hour, time enough to get some beautiful photos of Kait and then make a dash for inside. So a few more photo ops and we were back to the hotel to put our feet up and relax, then to the Sun Rivers Golf Course we went for dinner. A very nice place,Hoodoos, seven of us, had a really nice dinner and then the Graduate and Tor and Ayla were off to join the festivities and Mom, Jane and I went shopping. Hello HomeSense, Winners and Pier One! Glenn was done and went back to the hotel room and was almost asleep before I was back. So Saturday morning we got up quickly stopped off at Kait's and took her to pick up her truck and photocopy the "degree" and got coffee and hit the road. We made quite a few stops along the way as Mom has a hard time with all that sitting, heck I have a hard time with that much sitting!. So we stopped off at the greenhouses by Quesnel and picked up three gorgeous hanging baskets. We were home by 4 and unpacked and drink in hand. So I will continue with photos at another time. Because.......I forgot my camera! But resourceful as I am I had a back up plan just will take me a few days to produce.....have a great day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have an "oweee"

Just when I thought I was getting ahead of the game someone has changed up the pieces. Eating dinner tonight bit down and cracked my back molar, owwwww! So I phoned the dentist because they always work till 7 but "No" it's 5 to 7 and they're gone, so I hope to goodness they are in at 7 tomorrow morning. Or its going to be a very unpleasant few days. It's Kait's grad this weekend so I will not be around and Monday seems like a long time that is my whine for now. Sad face....
But I did get the padded headboard finished last night and I have to admit it looks pretty darn nice. I think I would like one for myself. Will definitely have to do something about that.

Now the finicky part will be hooking it to the wall so that it doesn't come crashing down. I did want to attach it to the bed frame but it's made out of a hollow core door and there is no "real" wood to attach bolts to attach it to the frame so plan "B" is to attach it to the wall with flush mount brackets.

Another nice day today until the black clouds rolled into town around 3 o'clock and briefly poured down. Hardly worth their effort so hopefully that's it, and it continues with the sun. Have a good evening.