Saturday, June 19, 2010

For the love of gardening......

Gardens are as unique as the people who tend them. I love my gardens. Most gardeners share a desire to create an outdoor space as an extension of their home. A place to work and relax. Well maybe relax once the work is all done, but is it ever done? I think not. Whether you decorate your garden with color or furniture to create outdoor dining and entertaining, we all want the space to be attractive.

I recently ventured into "The Painted Shed", I fell in love with the "things" Marie has created for the garden. I was suddenly inspired to race home,(not before I picked up a couple of things, of course)and search for my past creations and books that had long been forgotten. There was a time when we lived in Salmon Valley, that our yard was a constant palette of designs. Willow furniture, odd planters, and a variety of color. There was never a shortage of benches, or chairs made of willows.

Whatever your style, if you have taken the time to create a garden, you probably already know the enjoyment of finding the perfect garden ornament or two. I started a project that I made a decade ago and shall finish it tomorrow and give you a peek.

You've planned,
you've plowed,
you've planted,
Now for the decorative touches......

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