Friday, June 18, 2010


Well I have been meaning to get this done so finally I remembered to get the photos together, it's harder than you think when you don't remember to take you camera and end up relying on someone else to give you the pics.

So anyways this was the big day and after 5 years of college and university it is official, Kait has her Bachelor of Business Administration, her major was Human Resources and minor in Marketing, I think it should be the other way around but what do I know. Kait dealing with people, well let's just say we have a standing joke of her days of working at McDonald's, when one day she came home madder than a wet was all you could do to understand her, as when she is riled up, she speaks way to fast but the gist of the matter was..."they, they, should be YELLED at!" Needless to say I think she has learned some better tactics of dealing with staff in the work place. But I am sure she still has days when everyone should be "Yelled at!"

These are my three daughters, well two I gave birth too and one I just adopted.

And this would be three generations.

My mom is 84 and still going strong. She is very proud of her grandaughters. And her grandson. Whom incidently has had a few very busy weeks, so hopefully he gets to call home this weekend. Three more weeks on this intense training and then he gets a few weeks of leave. It will be nice to have him home for a bit.
It's looks like it is going to be a beautaiful weekend. The weather is very warm. Trish and I will have to run early on Sunday in order to beat the heat. I have a project in mind but I need to find the plans...wish me luck. It's a dandy!

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