Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Coastal Bound!

I hit the road on Monday morning about 7:45am and headed to the coast. I haven't driven that far, by myself in a very long time. But I have to admit I didn't mind it one bit. Well maybe in parts where I had a hard time picking up CBC radio I got a little irked. But overall I quite enjoyed the drive. There wasn't much traffic and the weather was bearable. I guess I was really ticked off about Quesnel when I tried to use my camera and it wouldn't work.....well at various times along the way I would give it a try and to no avail it would not take a picture. Well let me tell you it's lucky it didn't go over in the Canyon. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. I really wanted to take photos of the trip down and blog about the old buildings and such along the way but whatever. It's done now. I have a new Cannon Powershot! Nice!

I got to Abbotsford around 4 o'clock and the first stop was the good old LCB because by now I was really done with stupid drivers. Do you really need to go 150km an hour? I think not! Anyways I knew there was a Running Room right off the freeway, so I popped into the shopping centre and low and behold a LCB store. Screeeech! Stop the truck! With renewed enthusiasm I went over to the Running Room and had a peek but I didn't see anything I "Had" to have. So I carried on to the grocery store and picked up dinner for Auntie Ev and I and on to her place. We sat and drank a few glasses of vino and had dinner and talked some more till 10:30 by then I was history, slept right through till 7 and then we did a few things and I took off for the Big City. And of course my first stop was........

You got it! IKEA! Start the car! They... of course, were having a huge sale so perfect timing or what! Don't worry honey...I didn't buy a bunch of junk. So I made a few purchases and then booted to the ferry because you just know what that nightmare can bring.

......Mom had said there was a 4:30 so I was there in good time 3:00 piece of cake had my book, water and chocolate, good to go. Well I don't think I got a chapter read and they announced boarding! We were heading out of the harbour. Forty minutes later we're docking in Gibsons. So from there it was a half hour drive up the Sunshine Coast to Sechelt. Arriving ahead of schedule for the next few days.....the saga will continue...have a great evening.

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