Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I have an "oweee"

Just when I thought I was getting ahead of the game someone has changed up the pieces. Eating dinner tonight bit down and cracked my back molar, owwwww! So I phoned the dentist because they always work till 7 but "No" it's 5 to 7 and they're gone, so I hope to goodness they are in at 7 tomorrow morning. Or its going to be a very unpleasant few days. It's Kait's grad this weekend so I will not be around and Monday seems like a long time away......so that is my whine for now. Sad face....
But I did get the padded headboard finished last night and I have to admit it looks pretty darn nice. I think I would like one for myself. Will definitely have to do something about that.

Now the finicky part will be hooking it to the wall so that it doesn't come crashing down. I did want to attach it to the bed frame but it's made out of a hollow core door and there is no "real" wood to attach bolts to attach it to the frame so plan "B" is to attach it to the wall with flush mount brackets.

Another nice day today until the black clouds rolled into town around 3 o'clock and briefly poured down. Hardly worth their effort so hopefully that's it, and it continues with the sun. Have a good evening.

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