Monday, June 7, 2010

Graduation Saga

I have been away to Kamloops for a very short trip but the lead up to it kept me soooo busy I had a hard time remembering what day of the week it was. You know I was on a refinishing blitz for Kait's chairs and table, so that pretty much took all my time and then the headboard. Well on Thursday night hubby and I loaded up the truck....OMG! Did I mention it's a pretty truck and if you want to haul anything.....well lets just say it doesn't hold a lot. So after many words and much ado' we managed to get the headboard, coffee table, 4 tires(Jane's) two boxes, a tent a backpack, and in the cab three of the four chairs. Let me repeat OMG! It was a good thing nothing had to come back with us and we left it all there. So Friday we took off at 5:30 am for the Loops, and a few stops along the way for the facilities and coffee, and we were at the kids place at 11:30. Unloaded and to the hotel by 12:15pm and changed for the Grad ceremony and downtown to the TRU by 1 ish. At the hotel, we picked up my mom and Jane and proceeded to find parking. Again OMG. Then to top it off, the ceremony was outside, that wouldn't have been too bad if Kamloops was having their typical desert weather but "Noooo" it was on the verge of thunder storms and rain.

But the sun came out for about an hour, time enough to get some beautiful photos of Kait and then make a dash for inside. So a few more photo ops and we were back to the hotel to put our feet up and relax, then to the Sun Rivers Golf Course we went for dinner. A very nice place,Hoodoos, seven of us, had a really nice dinner and then the Graduate and Tor and Ayla were off to join the festivities and Mom, Jane and I went shopping. Hello HomeSense, Winners and Pier One! Glenn was done and went back to the hotel room and was almost asleep before I was back. So Saturday morning we got up quickly stopped off at Kait's and took her to pick up her truck and photocopy the "degree" and got coffee and hit the road. We made quite a few stops along the way as Mom has a hard time with all that sitting, heck I have a hard time with that much sitting!. So we stopped off at the greenhouses by Quesnel and picked up three gorgeous hanging baskets. We were home by 4 and unpacked and drink in hand. So I will continue with photos at another time. Because.......I forgot my camera! But resourceful as I am I had a back up plan just will take me a few days to produce.....have a great day!

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